What To Do When You Find Hidden Auto Body Damage During Repairs

Collisions can do untold damage to your car, and that damage can often extend beyond areas that the eye can see. That means that when your insurance agent pays you a visit to inspect the damage on your car and

What To Do When Getting An Auto Body Repair Estimate

Everything becomes difficult when you are involved in a car accident. You can understandably be shaken up from the experience and unwilling to get in a car again. There’s a good chance you’ll also lose your main mode of transport

What To Do After Auto Body Repair

You’ve asked your friends if they’ve had experience with auto body shops, you’ve gotten several quotes, you’ve asked all the right questions, and you’ve taken your car in for a service with the collision repair center you think is best

The difference between aftermarket, used, and OEM car parts

Being involved in a collision can be a terrifying experience that puts your life at risk. Depending on the level of damage to your car, it can also be an expensive experience. For many Americans, getting their car repaired quickly

How To Find The Best Collision Repair Center

There are many reasons to be searching for a collision repair center in Arizona. Hopefully, your car just got dented rather than almost totaled, but either scenario requires the expertise of a professional auto repair technician. Finding the perfect collision

Everything You Need To Know About Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

Everyone wants to have a great looking, unmarked car. This is especially true if you have invested heavily in your vehicle, either by buying an expensive car or by adding accessories and getting it detailed. While regular cleaning can certainly

The Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal Repair

There’s nothing worse than having your new or freshly valeted vehicle dented by an ignorant or unaware driver. It’s not just a dent in your car, after all, it is a dent in your pride and joy. There’s no choice

Trailer Towing Safety

Whether you are moving or going on a road trip, or even just require a trailer for your work, it is important to be aware of trailer towing safety. There is a right and a wrong way to attach and …

How an Accident Affects Resale Value

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario as an example: you are planning to sell your car and are looking at getting the best price possible. However, your car has been in an accident in the past. You are uncertain if you …

Get the Most out of your Air Conditioning

It’s mid-summer here in Arizona, and you know how hot it can get, especially when you’re on the road. A good car air conditioner is worth its weight in gold.

Brand new cars always have amazing air conditioning, but they …