5 Car AC Concerns and its Solutions (Part 1)

In some areas like Arizona, there will be times that both the heater and the air conditioning will be used in a day. This pattern continues and every afternoon it gets to be stuffy.

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The air conditioning system is composed of a lot of parts. There are many causes as to why your AC stopped. Read more about it below:

No cold air from the A/C unit

  • If this is what you experiencing, then, there is a hole in your refrigerant. This is the part of the A/C that makes your vehicle cool. The lack of it will result to inability of the other parts to work. A hole can cause leak to either hoses, connection, broken evaporator or compressor.
  • This is harder to determine compared to an oil leak. The reasons for this is due to the fact that refrigerant vaporizes when exposed to the environment. To handle this problem, get a professional auto technician to install a fluorescent leak tracer dye and refrigerant.
  • When this is done, he or she could turn on the A/C and utilizing a black light can now trace the hole to start fixing and eventually regenerate so that the A/C will blow cold air again.

Air does not come out from the A/C’s vents 

This problem needs a lot of checking by a professional auto technician. Here are the things to be inspected:

  • A blasted fuse or bad relay

    • This will result to no power for the blower motor that will stop the air not to come out from the vents. It could also be because of a bad relay that gets a slight electric current to manage the bigger current, which is required for proper ventilation.
  • Damage to the blower resistor or blower motor

    • This blower mechanism will be responsible for the air coming out of the vents. Think of it as like the fan you are using at home. Once damaged due to its age, the blower motors will stop the air from going into your vehicle.
    • Comparably, the blower resistor does its job with the blower motor that regulates how much air is made to move. Depending on your preference, it can either be low, medium, or high.
  • Blocked air intake

    • There are two places of air entry. One is through the vents coming from the lower half of your windshield and the other entry is the air redistributed from inside your car. If one of these place has an obstruction due to either waste or blocked filter, your vents will not have air, or if it does, it will surely be insufficient.
  • Damaged hoses and belts

    • The air conditioning unit has a lot of belts and hoses to function well. Any hole that produces leaks, obstruction, or separation, will put to stop the sufficient airflow.
    • To fix this problem, change the relay and fuses. If still it does not work, then go and bring it to a professional A/C technician so your unit can be test. Repairs or even changing some parts may be necessary.

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