5 Car AC Concerns and its Solutions (Part 2)

In 5 Car AC Concerns and its Solutions (Part 1), I discussed the causes why your car A/C suddenly stopped. I went through each problem and solution and I also talked about the concern of no cold air coming.

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Now, let us continue the discussion starting with…

  • Air is Cool But Car is still Warm

The cause could be inadequate refrigerant. When this happens, the pressure decreases. Should the refrigerant is sufficient, it could be due to the following:

  1. Clogged or Broken Condenser- this is the tool that brings the refrigerant to its vaporous status taking off the heat and bringing it back to its former liquid condition. So, if the condenser is clogged, the air from the vents will never achieve the kind of coolness that your vehicle requires.
  2. Damaged Clutch Switch- if this one is not working, the air compressor will never do its job. Hence, stopping it from liquifying.

To fix this problem, ask a professional auto technician to test the two parts mentioned to find out the damage, blockages, or failure and change them if need be.

  • Mildew Smell from the A/C 

This only means that there is a progression of bacteria growth residing in the system. This is the usual result if you do not always use your A/C or if it is already too old.

It could also be because of the many times that it has been used in the maximum setting. Fungi, mold, bacteria and other micro-organisms thrive at the backside of the dashboard at the evaporator. This explains why your A/C has that disgusting smell that comes out from its vents.

The solution here is to change your air filter to address this concern. If it does not work then eliminate the stink, call an A/C technician to pour an anti-bacterial solution where the evaporator is located. This should exterminate the mold and other impurities from the A/C system.

  • There Is Noise on the A/C

If you suddenly here a noise coming from your car’s A/C, there is a problem. A/C system is not designed to have noise when you open it. So, if there is a clattering, thumping or any strange sound, you need to check it.

For all you know, it was just leaves doing that sound or even rubbish from the road that clogged the unit. If you saw none of these factors, then, it could mean that a significant part has been damaged. It could be because of a bearing that was the cause of the crushing or screechy sound. However, if the sound is more like a banging sound then it could be that your compressor’s clutch was damaged.

So, how do you resolve this problem? Switch off your A/C and bring your vehicle to a professional technician for a thorough checking. This will identify the culprit and decision to replace or repair can follow.

  • Water on the Floorboards

This could be because of either two things. Water is distributed into the passenger’s area because of the heater core. This is warmed by the engine coolant.

The solution is to bring to your vehicle to an A/C technician to know whether it is caused by merely a blockage or change of hose is needed.

  • Hot to Cold A/C

This could be the expansion valve. Again, to try not repair it yourself. Immediately bring your vehicle to an expert to identify the problem for you and to avoid further damage.

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