Benefits of Cooled Seats in Cars

How nice is it to have a heated seat when the weather outside is cold?

Phoenix residents (and those living in other desert cities) have a different question: how nice is it to have a cooled seat when the weather is hot outside?

Benefits of Cooled Seats in Cars

Cooled seats are a design change that some automakers offer. Instead of having cold air blow into the cabin, this option saves energy by creating a more comfortable place. It eliminates that horrible burn you feel after sitting on super-heated upholstery after your car has a long day in the sun.

What Are the Benefits of Cooled Seats?

  1. Individual Controls

The traditional air conditioning system forces everyone to enjoy the same temperature. When upgrading to cooled seats, individual controls allow the driver and passenger to meet their specific needs.

  1. Sweat Stains

That trickle of sweat down your back creates problematic stains on your clothing when stepping out of a vehicle. Cooled seats eliminate this issue because you have the cold air applied directly to your body.

  1. Energy Savings

Air conditioners consume a lot of fuel. When you switch to cooled seats, the savings in this department can be significant. Studies from 2005 found that fuel efficiency rates drop by up to 24% when using traditional options while carbon emissions more than double.

  1. No Element

Although some air-conditioned seats use a cooling element to provide more comfort, unrefrigerated air is found in many models. By increasing the flow and movement around where you sit, the body’s natural cooling mechanism can help you feel better.

  1. Seat Cushions

If your make and model doesn’t come with cooled seats, some cushions can provide this benefit for an added cost. Some have built-in fans that get power through your vehicle’s electrical supply.

Cars That Come with Cooled Seats

Are you interested in the idea of cooled seats? Several makes and models provide this feature, although it tends to be a luxury upgrade.

Virtually every major automaker offers cooled seats in at least one model. Even the Tesla Model X provides it as an option.

If you want pure affordability, look at Kia, Mazda, Nissan, and similar brands.

Cooled seats provide better comfort while helping you to save energy. If you’re tired of the blistering heat on your backside after a long day, consider upgrading to this technology. It will help you to have a more enjoyable drive.