How to Choose the Right Alarm for Your Car (Part 1)

Your car is part of your life. Because it is important, you need to protect it from harm and theft by using a good car alarm. Here are the reasons why you should:

  • Hinders mischief or car theft
  • Safeguards your things
  • Assists you in times of emergency
  • Gives you peace of mind

gray and black Suzuki car fob on black surface

Majority of the car alarms are created to be installed universally in any type of vehicle. A few of the car alarms could have additional tasks like monitoring services such as remote start feature and GPS that can track and locate a vehicle. Aside from being a deterrent for robbers and vandals, a car alarm can have the following functions:

  • Control module known at the brain of the car alarm
  • An alert that sounds when being tampered
  • Antenna that gets distant signals
  • Remote to command its functions
  • Voluntary sensors for components like collisions or impacts
  • Wiring to link everything

The alarm is attached to the door locks of the vehicle. When doors are closed with the use of the alarm remote, it becomes active. When the doors are closed it opens by means of the alarm remote, the alarm system is therefore disabled. To guide you pick the right alarm system here are some tips:

  1. Choose between one-way or two-way alarm system

The one way system sends commands that comes from the remote of your car. A two-way system sends data from the vehicle and returns to the remote control. It can tell you if the alarm is on, if the doors are close or open, and if the command has been received by the alarm system.

  • Know the reasons why you are purchasing a car alarm.

    • If you are just putting in extra protection, get the one-way alarm system. But if there is a high cases of car thefts in your area, the two-way alarm system may be safer.
  • Find out the functioning reach of a two-way function.

    • Alarm systems works using the radio frequency. So, expect that sometimes, the communication will be intermittent in particular areas like high electronic, tall apartment buildings, or usage of radio frequency. This goes for longer distances as well.
    • Do not forget to check your two-way alarm systems functions especially if you stay in a tall building or say if you are a quarter mile away from your car.
    • Take note that the higher-end type of alarms can still work up to three miles from the remote, but expect that there could be disturbances.
  • If you have important things inside your car, make sure you have additional protection.


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