How to Choose the Right Alarm for Your Car (Part 2)

In How to Choose the Right Alarm for Your Car (Part 1), I shared about the importance of installing an alarm. You need to protect something as valuable as your car especially if you are bringing other expensive items. I discussed the reasons why you should have one, what the typical car alarm features are, and how to pick the right alarm system that you need. Now, let’s proceed with the next steps. vehicle key and fob

  • Decide whether or not you want a notification on your car alarm using your phone. This is very useful if you are out-of-town and want to find out if your car is okay. You can likewise arm or disarm your vehicle by just using your phone even if you are in another country. This kind of service of course will charge you monthly and at the onset, it will cause you, but it may serve your purpose.
  1. Think of all the alarm system choices you want.

After choosing your kind of alarm system, you now need to decide the choices that you prefer to be installed as part of the alarm system.

  • Do you need a remote starter? If your answer is yes, then the primary apparatus is different and that will be costly. It is a smart move that you install the alarm system and remote all at the same time. It will definitely save you money.
  • Would you want to fuse together the power door locks? Usually, the alarm system works with the power door locks using the remote, but it can be mounted without really working on the door locks. Make sure that you have power door locks. If not, then you cannot close and open the door locks utilizing a remote.
  • Decide if you want to join together the trunk open feature with your alarm system. You need to have a power trunk and find out if the choice comes along with the alarm installation.
  • Do you need a proximity sensor? This is a kind of sensor that will make a noise when a person is near your car. This will assist you to know if there are any hindrances front, rear, and on the road.
  • Decide if you want an impact sensor. This will tell you if something crashed your vehicle or if someone hit it. That will surely alarm whoever has an intention of getting inside your car. This impact sensors are very sensitive so research more about it before purchasing.
  • Decide on an immobilizing feature. This stops the engine from starting once the alarm is on.

Pick a brand that is known, tried, and tested. This will make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. It has also replacement parts should you need one in the future. You should also decide on a car alarm system that can be serviced locally.

Look for the brand you prefer online, which is near your area. Do not forget to inform your car insurance provider that you have installed a car alarm system. If you have the receipt, you could get a discount on your premiums.