What Could Trigger Car Fires? (Part 1)

The National Fire Protection Association reports that 20% of all fires that were reported were vehicle fires. We need to know what triggers car fires to lessen the chance of it happening to your own vehicle.

Usually, car fires are a mix of many reasons like mechanical, human, and chemical causes that could result to an extremely hazardous situation. This means that the minute there is fire, a lot of added elements can make things worse. Learning these reasons can possibly aid a vehicular owner to stay away from such situations.

No matter what the reasons are, the reality is your car is on fire, and that is it! Just move fast and get out of your car as quickly as possible. Run away from the ablaze car. Do not think that a small fire is not a cause for panic. The thing is, it will grow bigger and spread faster.

man in black jacket standing near fire

Here is the list from the least to the most causes of vehicular fire:

  1. Design Flaws

Design flaws do not start a fire, but it sure cannot result to a fire. It could make a state of which may eventually ensue a fire. Car manufacturers plan to stop the situation before a lot of people learn about it.  That’s why they often issue a recall or a product call back to take all the hazardous cars out of the road. Before it can lead to a car fire, they should do something about the potential problems to save their reputation. In short, a design flaw could be an onset to a fire.

  1. Inadequate Maintenance

When you neglect your car, it can also lead to a car fire. A leaky seals, broken parts, and even an incorrect wiring that is not taken cared of ARE all factors, and it could be inviting danger. Likewise, an engine with a terrible gasket could leak flammable liquids. A shabby wiring can trigger materials that can easily catch fire. So if you want to be safe, then, open the hood and check it from time to time to assure your safety and that of your family.

  1. Car Collisions

A vehicular collision can trigger a fire. A lot of crumple zones are well crafted that the metal sheets can take the strong force of a collision, but it is not full proof. A bad collision could still cause a fluid leakage and overflow, which is so ideal to start a fire. The precarious situation may not be recognized while inside the crashed car, but then, when you go out of the car, fire is already staring, it is always war to get out of the car and quickly run away from it.


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