Looking for a collision repair facility you can trust?
Look no further!


Our shop is equipped with a Chief automotive technologies frame Rack, Chief’s collision repair equipment is more powerful, versatile and capable than ever before, and has been specifically designed to service modern cars and trucks. Vehicles designed and manufactured today are technologically light-years ahead of vehicles that rolled off the assembly line just a few short years ago, and this fundamental shift in how vehicles are conceived and built is why you need a company like Chief behind you. It takes a shop with the right equipment to properly repair your newer vehicle.

Structural Repair Services

Frame and structural damage will be repaired by experts who have received specialized training in auto frame and structural repair. Your vehicle’s frame or unibody is the structural backbone of the entire vehicle. Any damage to the frame and/or unibody that is not repaired properly will affect everything on your vehicle from safety to proper fit of sheet metal parts and exterior panels.

ASE Certified Experts – We are committed to making sure our staff is equipped with the latest repair techniques.

BASF Automotive Refinish

BASF is the world’s largest chemical company and an unmatched expert in the coatings industry!

Color. It’s the first thing – and sometimes, the only thing – your customers notice. You need a coating and a company you can count on. BASF’s Automotive Refinish business makes and markets the finest coatings available for the collision repair, commercial fleet and automotive specialty markets.


Mobile Services available, Sometime we can repair you minor damage without invasive bodywork. Most Metals have a Memory with this service we basically massage the metal back to its original state without the expense of performing Body Work and Paint.


Window Tinting now available please call for pricing, Lifetime Warranty, Professional Installation, Excellent UV Protection from the Hot Arizona Sun.