Ways of Safeguarding Your Car from Thieves

You just finished a long meeting and you are so ready to go home. You rushed to the parking lot, but your car is there anymore. Yikes, your car has been stolen!black and silver car door handle

As per the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting database,  there are more than 770,000 vehicles that are being stolen every year. This would mean that both car owners and insurance companies lose a whopping $6 billion! So, if you want to know how to safeguard your car from being part of this growing statistics, read along.

Car Theft Strategies

Most of the car thieves rely on old-time tactics. The first strategy is, of course, looking for the right time if there is almost no chance of being arrested. And the second is a well-thought-of attack.

These tips will ward off potential thieves lurking around. Warning: these may not all work 100% of the time, but it will surely lessen the chances of a car theft.

Turn Off Your Engine

It is not wise to leave your engine running while you are elsewhere or even in your own driveway. When the car thieves sees that there is no one inside the car, that is their cue to take advantage of the recklessness of the driver.

Lock Windows and Doors

Do this while you are waiting for the green traffic sign to keep away the car jackers. Even as you park  your car, these thieves will always on the look out for unlocked windows and doors. If yours are locked, they will just go and try someone else’s car.

Pick the Right Parking Area

Do not park on the dark and dim areas. This is not just because of the possible theft, but it will likewise keep your vehicle visible to passerby, park security, or camera footage that can identify the car thief.

Never Leave Anything with Value Inside Your Car

When a thief sees something that interests him like a wallet, bag, or a mobile phone, he will surely try to get it with the car included. It’s a double whammy for you; you lost your belongings and your precious vehicle.

Do Not Keep Your Personal Documents in the Car

Drivers thinks that if they have their personal documents in the car they are ready for what might happen. But the thing is, if a policeman stops the car the thief is driving, he can use it to make it appear that it is his car he is driving. Make sure you hide your important documents inside your glovebox or somewhere not known to anybody except for you.

Put an Alarm System

If your residence is located in a place where criminal acts often occur, then having a superior type of alarm system is a must. Nowadays, there are a lot of security systems that can match to your mobile device apps that will immediately inform you that someone is tampering with your vehicle. It is a smart decision to put a cruciform lock on your steering wheel wherever it is parked.

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