Teach Your Children About Car Maintenance

This could be an interesting activity that you and your children can truly enjoy. It will give you time to bond together while you teach them the rudiments of maintaining your vehicle.

toddler looking at his reflection on wing mirror during daytime

When they grow older and have their own car, they know exactly how to take care of it. The question is, what are the responsibilities you can ask your kids to do? Here are some tasks that is easy to do:

Clean and Wax

This is the best way to start. It is great to teach your kids that part of having a car is keeping it clean and shiny. This protects its paintwork and sustain the value of your vehicle. Teaching your kids how to do it will be beneficial in the future aside from the fact that it can really be fun.

Demonstrate the proper way of shampooing, rinsing, drying, and waxing your vehicle in that order. Then, teach them how to clean the interior of your car.


Show your kids how to check the screen wash and mix it to the right portion. This can be found on the neck of the bottle below the cap. Secure the cap after.

It is an easy but important task.  Just make certain that you are around to watch over your younger kids while they do this process.

Tire Pressure

Inspecting the tire’s pressure is a vital maintenance that your children can very well manage.  Here is how it is done:

  • Look for the valve which is on the wheel trim. Take off the valve’s cap by screwing to the reverse and put it aside safely.
  • Fasten the foot pump to the valve and push the adaptor towards it and then push the lever.
  • Examine the tire-pressure gauge to measure the pressure of your car. The tires needs to keep its pressure at perfect amount.
  • Utilize the foot pump so that the pressure will go up to the right level.
  • Be fast in taking off the adapter from the valve.
  • Change the plastic cap which is on the valve.

Light Bulbs

The light bulbs in your vehicle can burst anytime so putting a new one is inevitable. This is a perfect time for you to teach your children how to do a little bit of a technical activity.

While the process of changing the light bulbs depends on the kind of vehicle, demonstrating it to your children will not just educate them, but it also gives them the confidence that they can complete the task.


This task can be taught to your children depending on their age. Make sure that the engine is no longer hot. Show them how to raise the hood of your car and make sure it is secured. Then show your children that you are taking off the oil dipstick and cleaning it after before returning it to its place. Then, taking it off one more time.

Lastly, teach your kids how they can check the highest and lowest oil levels utilizing the indicators on the stick. Putting oil is something that an adult need to do, but you can show the kids how.

Wiper Blades

The strong rays of the sun can damage the wiper blades of your car so it is important that you check on it on a regular basis. If there are smudges or stains while wiper blades are being used or the blades are dried and damaged, if not the rubber has lost its strips, you need to change it with new ones.

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