Things You Need to Repair Before Selling Your Vehicle

First impression matters when selling a car. Majority of the buyers would want to make sure that they do not have to spend more money after buying a car. That is the reason why you should be ready to upgrade the current condition of your vehicle so that your buyer will not have to repair anything.

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It is understood that you are not selling a new car, but at least, make sure that it can perform well on the road. Here are some suggestions of car repairs before putting your car on sale.

Windshield and Windows

If your power windows does not work, fix it. Take care of the scratches, chips or cracked windows and damaged windshields. It is good to make your car presentable and avoid the small repair details to the buyer. This will get you a better price for your vehicle.

Beautifying Defects

Your buyer’s impression will help you sell your car. Bring it to the nearest auto body repair shop like Chaney’s Collision Center to take care of any scratches and dents. It is a good move to paint your car so it will look brand new. Change any broken parts like headlights.

Change Tires

A worn out tires tells your buyer that your car is not safe. No buyer would want to spend money for new tires so you should do it yourself so you can price your vehicle appropriately.


When there is a loud grinding noise when you step on the pedal of your brakes, the contact of the rotor disc with a portion of the caliber could be the problem. This could be because of the wear and tear of the brake’s rotors or pads. It could also be because of a foreign object which can truly result to a major damage. Fix this right away because no buyer would want to put himself in danger.

Engine Maintenance

Your engine compartment should be able to read the levels of the different fluids in your car. Have a professional mechanic check the wires, engine hoses, and change them if need be. Now, if the problem is just dirty air filter, that could easily be changed.

Change Spark Plugs

If your engine is noisy and jumpy, and takes awhile to accelerate, the buyer will surely notice these things.  Do not think twice; change the spark plugs ASAP.

People who wants to buy a car is subjective.  Here are some of the things you need to look into to hear that very important statement, “I will buy it!”

Change oil

Having your oil changed means that you take good care of your car and the buyer is assured that what he is thinking of buying is worth it.

Cleansing the interior

Clean everything from rugs, rubber mats, cup holders, including the seats. Just use a fabric cleaner if you decide to do so. This will make the interior of your car not just clean, but smelling real fresh and clean.

Get an inspections tag

Have your vehicle inspected from steering wheel to the littlest detail such as safety belts. This means that it is not just roadworthy but in excellent condition. The amount you paid for the tag is nothing compared to how confident your buyer will be in purchasing your car.

Bring your car repairs  Chaney’s Collision Center where excellent service is guaranteed.  Chaney’s Collision Center can tell you what repairs are needed and which ones can wait.

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