Tips in Picking a Car Seat for Your Kids

Before you take home your new born baby, you need to purchase a good car seat for the baby up to the time he or she grows up to be at least 10 years old. You can choose from the various seats available in the market today. Study shows that almost 46% of child seats and boosters are not properly installed. This could cause a child injury when there is a car collision.

selective focus photography of baby's hand

All car seats needs to have the approval of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). The law also mandates parents to have a car seat installed first. A car seat is vital to ensure the safety of your child while taking a ride.

But how can you figure out which one is good for your child?

There are a lot of brands and kinds you can choose from, and for sure, it will take time for you to pick the right one suitable for you and your car.

You do not have to buy an expensive car seat as many reasonably seats can work well too. It is not really just the cost, it is a case of a seat not working well with your car. Planning ahead is a good move. Use the tips below and know when you have to go and move to the next car seat.

The car seat that you should pick should consider the height and the weight of your kid. You can get a professional car seat technician to do it for you.

What about second hand car seat?

There are many changes now and then when it comes to car seat safety regulations so it is not wise to buy a used car seat. You will never know if it has missing parts or if it has been involved in a collision or stored well. Remember to register your seat and make sure you had it examined well for future recalls.

Four Kinds of Child Car Seats

Infant only or rear-facing

This is the very first seat that you need when you pick up your infant in the hospital. It is mounted rear-facing and detachable carrier that is attached to a base that was mounted in your vehicle.

This type gives the ideal fit for infants and tiny babies. This can be utilized for kids that weighs at least 4 to 40 pounds.

Convertible Seat

When your kids has outgrown the infant seat it is now time to get a convertible seat before or during your kid’s first birthday. This can be mounted either rear of forward-facing.

Kids can enjoy their ride even at a long travel because it is rear-facing. This is something that the American Academy of Pediatrics advised because it will secure your child.

Combination Seat

It faces the front of the car and it is for kids age 1 year old, weighing 20 to 40 lbs. When your kids become bigger and weighs 40 pounds, the combination seat can be converted to belt-positioning booster seat.

Booster Seat

This is for 4 to 8 year old kids and at least 4’9″ in height or if the weight is more than its limit. This type can be used up to the time your child is 8 years old. At this time, regular seat belt is allowed. Kids below 13 years of age should stay at the backseat of your car.

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