List of Common Car Accessories and their Usage

Accessorizing your car is not just embellishment but also has numerous functions and purposes. While some beautification like mud flaps, seat covers, specialized rims, floor mats are supplementary protection to the car parts, the add-ons like cargo liners and pet barriers guarantees a secure travel.

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There are a lot of accessories that you can put on your car and modify it according to your preference. The various accessories accessible to the market can be widely classified into two parts:

Exterior Car Accessories

Outer car accessories are set up or used to the outside part of a vehicle to make it look better. Below are the kinds of such embellishments and what they do:

  • Car Covers – when you park your car make sure that it is protected from possible indemnity because of the weather like rain, sun, snow and even animals like cats, mice, squirrels etc. You must make sure that you use a car cover to protect the paint, scratches, dents, and other damages.
  • Booster Cable – this is utilized to start your car should your battery lose its energy. This has two insulated electrical wires with two clamps. This is should be attached to another battery of a different car. By doing this, it gives the discharged battery electrical energy that will help start your car.
  • Car Scraper – this assists in taking away snow that are on the chassis of your vehicle during the winter season especially if you live in a place that experiences hefty snowfall. Choose one that has brush connected to it is most suitable for the job.
  • Cleaning Aids – To keep your car always clean, a good set of microfiber cleaning cloth of polyester, sponge, folding bucket, and washing powder must be available for usage anytime and anywhere. It is likewise easy to carry around.

Interior Car Accessories

Inner embellishments of the car varies. This will add to the performance and continuing its effectiveness. Below are the different kinds of interior parts:

  • Car Mats – protects your car floor from dust, dirt, and stains. It is wise to invest on good mats that is waterproof, anti-slip, and well-made using PVC substance. This is recommended for car owners that has kids and pets.
  • Windshield Sun Shades – It is difficult to go inside a car that is very warm. To avoid this, using a windshield sun shades will help make the interior of your car cooler. It also protects your dashboard from harm.
  • Seat Covers – gives more character and good appearance to your car. It doubles as protection for your car seats. Buy one that is polyester that has foam at the bottom to make it very relaxing to sit on.
  • Mobile Holder – people nowadays are extremely busy and needs their mobile phone nearby. Get one that is long-lasting, superior in quality, and modern. Make sure it has a two-arm reach of 40-95 mm.

 Things to Think about before Purchasing any Car Accessory

There are a wide range of kinds and style you can chose from in the market, but hold it for a bit and think of the most favourable buy. Here are some tips:

  • Research for the different kinds of whatever accessory you chose to purchase.
  • After researching, limit your choices, consider the functions, quality, price, etc.
  • Compare and check which is the best buy. This will assure you that what you have chosen will give your more advantages and features given the budget you have in mind.
  • Buy the item in the most respectable supplier. This will ensure you the best quality.

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