6 Reasons Why Changing Oil Can Save Vehicles

Engines have a lot of parts that needs to be oiled to prevent damage. After a long time, the oil gets polluted with dirt, waste, and dust from its engine and its surrounding. When there is a blockage oil can’t work properly.

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Do not commit the mistake of neglecting oil change. Here are the reasons why you should:

  • Sustains engine lubrication

    • There are many parts in the engine that works when you drive your vehicle. All under the hood lies the valves, pistons, and other moving parts of your car. These parts build heat that will destroy the engine drastically if there is no correct oil lubrication. Check with your car manual to know the particular weight and grade of oil that your car needs to make sure that it is in its appropriate fill volume.
  • Cools engine elements

    • The scarcity of the proper lubrication can cause rubbing, which results to the development of heat. Retaining clean and adequate amounts of oil is the answer to prevent friction and high temperature of the engine.
  • Takes away engine slime and bear particles

    • Dirt particles are fatal to your car engine. This results to deterioration and lessens the life span of your engine. Likewise, as time passes by, oil breaks off and becomes slime. The smart thing to do is to clean your engine. Do the usual oil and filter changes. That should take care of taking off slime and specks and that will make your engine perform well.
  • Increases mileage of your gas

    • Inadequate lubrication of your engine can definitely cause greater fuel usage, so it is good to keep the oil of your engine clean. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the right type of oil and regular changes, your gas mileage could be better by at least 1-2%. It seems like there is little help there but for a standard vehicle, it will save at least a whole gallon of gas annually.
  • Encourages the life span of your vehicle

    • Accumulation of filthy oil steals a car’s fuel savings and power and that will make the parts of your car work more… and that will result to more concerns and diminishes the chance of its longevity. It is public knowledge that if you maintain your car well the value of your car rises when it is time to sell.
  • Help safeguard the atmosphere

    • If you do not change your oil consistently, then the accumulation of dirt on your oil will produce hydrocarbons inside your engine. These burns and results to a lot more discharge in the air by way of your car’s discharge. This will result failure in your Vehicle Emissions Test and in the end you contribute to the pollution.


Sure, changing oil can be tedious, but it is something you should always make sure you should accomplish.

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