Power Failure: Ways of Detecting A Busted Alternator

The battery is what makes the engine starts, but it will never work without the alternator.  They not only reload and sustain battery voltage, and they likewise provide the power required for an engine to work.

gray and black engine

Having a busted alternator …

Know More About the Types of Alternators

There are three major parts of your vehicle’s electrical system: the battery, voltage regular, and alternator.

With the help of the battery, the alternator creates the power to make other car accessories function like audio, navigation systems, lights, and the …

The Hazards of Texting and Driving

These days we are up against many factors on the road such us drunk drivers, and the more recent problem is the texting drivers particularly those who are always on their phones. The National Safety Council reported that texting while …

How Can a Car Battery Be Charged?

How can you possibly recharge your car battery when there is something wrong with the terminal ends?

When your car has a problem in its electrical system, your car will not move. The usual source of this problem is the …

Safety and Security Pointers for Senior Drivers

Since a lot of senior drivers are still on the road, it is timely to discuss some pointers to our elderly. This is to keep them secured while they are driving. Please share these tips if you know any senior …

Pointers for Driving Safely on Snow and Ice

When a skid happens, you depend on your skills in driving no matter how minimal or extensive it is. Hang on tight and focus.

To begin with, if the weather is really bad, it is a good idea to stay …

What Could Trigger Car Fires? (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of the discussion, and if you haven’t read What Could Trigger Car Fires? (Part 1), catch up on that first.  Below, I have listed the other top reasons for a car fire.

  1. Arson

It is …

What Could Trigger Car Fires? (Part 1)

The National Fire Protection Association reports that 20% of all fires that were reported were vehicle fires. We need to know what triggers car fires to lessen the chance of it happening to your own vehicle.

Usually, car fires are …

How to Choose the Right Alarm for Your Car (Part 2)

In How to Choose the Right Alarm for Your Car (Part 1), I shared about the importance of installing an alarm. You need to protect something as valuable as your car especially if you are bringing other expensive items. …

How to Choose the Right Alarm for Your Car (Part 1)

Your car is part of your life. Because it is important, you need to protect it from harm and theft by using a good car alarm. Here are the reasons why you should:

  • Hinders mischief or car theft
  • Safeguards your