Points to Remember When Transacting With Car Dealers (Part 2)

In Points to Remember When Transacting With Car Dealers (Part 1), I discussed a few things: a) before purchasing a car, you have to have the knowledge, b) never to forget that it is a business deal, and c) you should never focus on the monthly payment. Today, let me continue the discussion.


If you have done your homework, then you will know the offers available to you even before you talk with any sales person. Why don’t you go check the lease and deals pages first. This will help you know the offers related to every brand of vehicles. There’s even financing incentives that automakers usually give on used cars. Now, if you belong or used to belong to the military, recent graduate, first responder, you can avail of the special offer.two men facing each other while shake hands and smiling


You are actually giving the salesperson an advantage if you allow him to do the arrangement for your financing. Doing that will just give him the leverage to adjust in favor of the dealership. Smart buyers will always have pre-approved financing offer ready. No matter where you get it, what is important is that you have a flexible plan for your budget.


One thing that you should watch out for is that the salesperson could make it appear that the car transaction is the worth of your trade-in.  If it does happen, monitor carefully that they will not utilize the cost of the trade-in to their advantage. It is better to sell the car yourself. Choose between an individual or another dealership. If your vehicle is still good, then bring it to the dealer that carries the same brand as your car.


You have one goal and that is go get the vehicle at the lowest price.  The salesperson in comparison would want to have more profit. It is through negotiation that both of you meet halfway. Their tendency is that they will always find a way to incorporate the trade-in and financing. This could result to further complication and turmoil.

You could pay a more expensive deal if you are not quick to notice it. Just make certain that the price is the out-the-door price, which include the total price with the as taxes, fees, and add-ons considered.


Get the price not just in one dealerships. Get as much as you can. You have now the chance to compare the prices. When the salesperson learns that, he will surely make sure he will give you a better price.

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