The Reason You Shouldn’t Mix Tires

Mixing tires can be tempting if you lack the budget or can’t seem to find an identical spare. While you can certainly mix tires in some instances (and later, we’ll show you why), these are rare exceptions and should only …

Should You Replace Or Repair Your Tires?

Car tires don’t wear out that easily and have an average lifespan of 5 years and a maximum of 10 if they’re of good quality. That being said, they are not impervious to damage. They can still get cut or …

Congress Considering Adding Rear Seat Warnings

During the average year in the United States, 38 children die from a heat-related death because they are trapped inside of a hot vehicle. Although there is the occasional story of a child accidentally locking themselves in a car, this …

Self-Driving Semi-Trucks to Hit the Road in Phoenix

Self-driving automobiles have already made an impact on Arizona’s streets and highways. According to Waymo, Google’s project behind the self-driving vehicle, semi-trucks equipped with this technology will begin driving in the Phoenix area for testing.

The semi-trucks use the same …

Arizona has Finally Banned Texting and Driving

Arizona has finally joined 47 other states in making it illegal to text and drive. With the passing of this law, signed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on April 22, 2019, Missouri and Montana are the only states left where …

Determining Who is at Fault in an Arizona Car Accident

We all know how common car accidents are; there are thousands in Arizona alone every year. As our population and tourist industries continue to grow, it is more likely than not that traffic and therefore accidents could increase as well. …

Your Car Is Faded. Now What?

When people look at a vehicle, the first thing they’ll notice is its paint – from the vibrancy of its color to the sheen of its polish. Your paint job can leave a lasting impression, which is why car manufacturers

What You Need To Know About Aftermarket Auto Parts

Aftermarket is a term that gets thrown around a lot when talking about auto parts. Other common terms you may have heard include OEM, alternative, imitation, and salvaged parts. But what exactly are aftermarket car parts? And how will it

What To Ask Your Mechanic Every Time You Get Your Car Serviced

The cost of having your car serviced can pile up if you fail to get involved. Mechanics might take advantage if they notice you keep agreeing to their every recommendation. In other words, all you do is say ‘yes’ to

What Are Your Rights As An Auto Body Shop Customer?

As a car owner, you can’t always rely on DIY  fixes for vehicle repairs. You’d have to take it to an auto body shop at some point. But did you know that as a customer, you also have rights?