Tips on Saving Money for Muffler Repairs

Who does not want to save on cash? We all do whether it is saving on groceries or shopping at the mall. We all want to buy as much and pay less.

This is also the situation when talking about fixing your cars. The cost of it could baffle you, and when it comes to mufflers, it is something you just have to pay attention pig coin bank on brown wooden table

Today, I will discuss on how to distinguish if you have a problem with your muffler. Next, should you or should you not have it replaced? Lastly, you shouldn’t attempt to replace your muffler on your own.


The muffler is a critical part of the exhaust system so when something is wrong, you have to give it your attention right away. It is vulnerable to extreme heat every single day that the pipes and tubing could have cracking or holes.

If it breaks, the muffler could jeopardize everything that is in your exhaust system. There are various indications that will tell you that it needs fixing or replacement. Below are the things you have to watch out for:

  • It is noisy when you start your car.
  • The tailpipe exudes smoke.
  • There is a smell of smoke while you are driving.
  • There is a shift in your gas mileage.

These signs are telling you that there is something wrong with your muffler. The thing is, do you repair it or change it?


A lot of auto repair shops will tell you to change your mufflers when the truth you can still fit it. At the end of the day, fixing is cheaper. 


Since you like stretching your dollars, you will definitely think of fixing the muffler yourself. You also remembered that there are stores that sell “muffler tape.” This could seal any holes or cracks your muffler or tailpipe has. While they could really address your problem with your muffler yourself, this is not on a permanent basis. Soon, the problem will come back and by the time it does, the problem becomes greater. By the time it gets damaged, the total bill will be more expensive.

The best solution is to bring your car in a good auto repair shop. You find professionals who are skilled enough to address your muffler problem. They can likewise give you warranty in the work they have done for you.

If you need to have your muffler checked, Chaney’s Collision Center is more than happy to serve you. Chaney’s Collision Center has in-house mechanics, who are ASE Certified and I-CAR Platinum Certified. So, you are sure that they are knowledgeable to give you an advice, and help you with your car problems.

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