Things to Know About the Engine Block Heaters

When the climate is cold, engines will have a difficult time to move without any assistance. At times, help can come from engine block heaters. It is an asset, and here are the reasons why you should buy an engine block heater.


It is an equipment utilized to heat the engine and fluids prior to activating your car. The engine block heaters are helpful to lessen the danger of impairment due to cold cranking and idling. When a vehicle has started following the utilization of a heater, the fluids immediately reach the perfect working temperature.


white car parked beside brown concrete building during daytime

Engine heaters do not always mean they are block heaters. A few warms the oil or coolant instantly while some warm the block or engine. The kind of heaters you pick truly relies on your type of car.

Several engine heaters are easy to set-up and can be utilized by all types of vehicles. Meanwhile, others cannot be reused, and only those who are skilled may install it. The following are the known types:

  • Frost plug heater – it is a substitute for the current frost plug inside the engine block to warm the coolant promptly.
  • Engine-warming blanket – these are blankets, placed on top of the engine or inside the hood, that will emit heat to engine.
  • Oil pan heater – just like its name it is indeed an oil pan heater that warms the oil pan. It can be connected either by magnets or screwed to the oil pan.
  • Dipstick heater – this is a substitute to your regular dipstick. No fuss in installing and it warms the oil right away.
  • Bolt-on external heater – this is connected to the engine block and warms the engine right away.

Installation is mostly done by skilled professionals because there is an electrical cord involved here. This means it should be correctly routed within the engine chamber. If it is not done properly, the cord will be destroyed and the heater will not work.


If you live in a place where it is very cold, you’ll need an engine heater. Car owners, who have diesel engines, will surely find engine heaters useful. Diesel engines need greater warmth compared to vehicles using gasoline. This is also needed by owners that use non-synthetic oil to their cars.


Well, it depends on the climate outside. If it is very cold, plug in the heater at night.

For those who live in a not-so-cold location, you can use it an hour or so before you start driving.

This does not mean though that every single time the temperature drops, you will plug your engine heater. Nope, only use it when the temperature is under 5 degrees Fahrenheit. In conclusion, an engine heater helps you to take care of your engine, and eventually, expanding its life.

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