Recommendations When Using a Car Stowaway

Today, I will continue to discuss more about car stowaway. If you have not read the first part, you can refer to Car Stowaway: What Is It?

So, now, let’s start with:


Nowadays, every vehicle has one or more spare wheels just in case something happens. The emergency kit contains regular wheel and stowaway. This is most particularly vital for trucks that often encounter tire piercing while delivering items from one place to another.

The standard spare wheel and stowaway have the regular disk width for a specific vehicle. Here are the notable differences:

  • The typical wheel possesses a similar weight like the other wheels. For some, they do not bring a spare tire to carry a lesser weight, making them save on beside parked car during night
  • Furthermore, with regards to the weight, the stowaways have lesser proportions in contrast to the typical analogue tire.
  • The regular wheel is created using finer materials.
  • The dock is utilized only for special cases, and the typical wheel can be driven for a long period of time. Moreover, when utilizing a slender spare tire, you should restrain the allowable vehicular speed.
  • The light spare tire is suited with reduced quality rubber in contrast to your typical wheel.


Assess before you buy:

  • Generally, a stowaway is made for a particular vehicular model.
  • Considering that the spare tire will be utilized for emergency cases only, you should NOT look at the quality, but look for the right size for your car.
  • Should a car driver intends to procure an alteration can have a lengthy resource. It is favorable to remain on the standard wheel.
  • Buy a flexible variety; your spare should be useful whether summer or winter seasons. Certainly, the tread in a tire will vary depending on the design. Hence, the stowaway should be utilized only for short trips.
  • Knowing that the spare tire is lightweight, you should have a proper pump ready to supply air. Given that the width is nearly one-half the normal, the wheel has to be expanded securely.


The dock can be stored in a slot intended for the spare wheel, which is inside the trunk. It is really up to the design of the car because some cars allow space at the bottom. Generally, the spare tires are placed upright at the back of the car. This is implemented to a few models of vans and buses. If your car has designated storage for a spare wheel, please use it instead. At the end of the day, it is pragmatic to use a stowaway.

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