Car Stowaway: What Is It?

The current cars has various components that can assist in times of emergency. The trunk must have a towing cable whether it be made of textile or metallic. You also need some tools and a spare tire to help you move your car with the aid of a specifically equipped tow truck.


A dock is like a spare wheel, but the difference is that the makers made sure that it saves space in the trunk. It is quite small in size and consists of metallic parts. The size is dependent on the diameter and the size of the bolt pattern of the wheels.

The components of the docking wheel may seem not heavy and manageable, but it is an actual size disc type mounted on a shaft. What sets it apart is that the disc is slimmer. So, it does not occupy much space in the trunk when the wheel is inactive.


No skilled driver will consider a spare wheel. When your tire gets pierced, you could not move your car because you do not have a replacement for the severed wheel. Some drivers have laces for tires, but it cannot always repair the damage. This is because it could only take off the puncture, but it could not fix the laceration.Flat Tire, Breakdown, Tire Service, Spare Tyre

That is why the spare tire is part of the emergency kit. Make sure you have a jack as well, making the tire replacement process easier.

When the car breaks down, the wheel will be replaced with a stowaway so you could move your vehicle to the nearest auto shop see.

In some cases, the tire could totally fall apart because the driver was not aware of the condition so he continues to drive. Because of this, the rubber could be damaged by the disc. An available spare tire will give you the chance to drive to a nearby repair shop without much of a difficulty.


When the first few cars were made available to the public, there was a clamor for having a spare tire. The idea came about when cyclists, who participated at triathlons, would bring two spare tires in case of an emergency.

The rationale for manufacturers to furnish their cars with spare wheels was due to the terrible roads in the past. Often times, drivers have to deal with dirt roads. Plus, there could be things that could puncture the tires such as glass, nails, or metal bits.

Thomas B. Jeffrey, an American Company, was the first to practice the usage of stocks on cars. Even though this function only lasted for 14 years, it became widely used.

Replacing punctured tires was made simpler because this feature. Originally, the spare wheel was placed at the sides of the engine section. Soon, other car manufacturers followed this practice. Learn more: How to Pick the Right Car Stowaway.


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