Learn About the Water Hammer

All vehicles are not exempted from water hammer. It is an occurrence when water goes inside the cylinder of the engine, combining with the fuel and the air. Your car, then, is exposed foreign irritants. If this happens to you, there will be unimaginable repairs.

Together, let us examine every aspect of the key problems that has to do with water hammer.

There are two ways how water can gain access to the internal combustion:

  • The vehicle drove in great speed, and triggers a deep splash when it comes to contact with water. Additionally, a specific amount of water could access the air filter;
  • The vehicle is stationary in a parking area, and then, the underground parking gets flooded. The same condition happens you live in low-lying urban areas.

If the situations above are true for you, then, water can easily get into the intake manifold.

An unsuspicious driver just starts his vehicle. When the driver starts the vehicle, the crank mechanism is activated jointly with the timing mechanism. Then, intake valves within the cylinder head are unlocked. Because of opening in the cylinder, water from the road can get in your engine.

Water, being in a liquid state, can flow into different areas. Then, the piston could not complete a compression stroke.

At the same time, when the crankshaft keeps on turning, the water inside the combustion chamber remains to be compressed.  When this happens, the valves are shut down, meaning the water has no place to go. The whole procedure is quick and before you know it, the water in the cylinder solidifies.

However, the crankshaft goes on in signaling the piston in completing the compression stroke.


An example is the overflow of water in a parking area or driving and diving into a deep pool. Perhaps, a few drivers saw how the other vehicles seemed to beat the flood and thought that they could. However, they soon realize that the water could enter the hood of their cars.

If this is your situation, the tube of the air filter module plays a part. A great tip to avoid such occurrence is to divert, and use alternate roads. Once the water reaches the upper part of the radiator, then, it is an obvious indication of a water hammer. Here are the things you need to know:

  • Air filter could be soaked with water;
  • Water is already inside the intake manifold module;
  • The function of the motor is disrupted by strong vibrations.


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