Harmful Car Conditions That Makes You Sick!

We spend regular time inside our car every day. Perhaps, you have been taking care of your car, and you bring it for its usual maintenance routinely. Despite what you do, you could be forgetting something essential.

A lot of things go in and out from the things you buy, the kids, and even pets. They all can leave germs and dangerous bacteria that you stay in your car.


We clean our homes on a regular basis: 1) wiping those surfaces that people usually touch 2) disinfecting objects to make sure no germs and bacteria are present.

The question is, do you do the same with your car? Imagine, you and your kids probably ate inside your car and might have spilled drinks on the seat or the carpet. Everything you do in your car could lead to what is called the Toxic Car Syndrome.

This happens when little bits of food fall off the floor mat or hide in between those gaps. Basically, your car can become a playground for deadly germs and bacteria. The National Center for Biotechnology Information concluded that the dirtiest place in the world is found inside your car, and the steering wheel is dirtier than a toilet seat.person get some blackberries from box

Research showed that there are more than 700 various bacteria strains, which can damage your health. To help you, here are 3 factors that could make you sick:


If anyone of your family has indications of coughing, sneezing, eye irritation, chest tightness or sleepiness, then, it is a clear indication that there are molds in your vents. Molds and mildew prosper on moisture.

When you open your air condition, the air blows through the vents, and it can spread to the whole interior of your car. So, if you smell something odd, go to a professional cleaner, and have the vents and the evaporator core checked for any signs of mold.


Closing your windows protects you from pollutants going inside your car. If you are not utilizing the air recirculation feature of your air condition, you are bringing all those pollutants inside your car. The bad thing here is that it evades the air filter. Therefore, the air inside your car will bring in all the toxins and contaminants from the outside. To avoid this, press the button that has an arrow moving in a circle.


During a traffic jam, you could breathe fumes coming from the nearby cars, and these fumes contain carbon monoxide. This is hazardous to your health. As a result, you have headache, feel nauseated, difficulty in breathing and much more. To avoid this, roll up your windows and press the recirculation feature of your air conditioning system.

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