Different Ways of Looking For Car Parts in a Junkyard

When you change the parts of your vehicle, it could be expensive to buy for a specific piece unless you to go to a junkyard. Compared to new parts, used car parts cost much less. The vehicles that you might find in the junkyard may be totaled, but there are working parts. It is a known fact that for many years, people have been going to junkyards to cut cost. There could be an entrance fee, but it will be worth your while as you will have the chance to find the parts you want and one that is hardly utilized.aerial view of city buildings during daytime



  1. Check your vehicle. Examine the part that you want to change so you know the tools and spare parts it will require. Try taking it off so that taking the parts in the junkyard will be a lot easier.
  2. Check out the part. Find out where the part you need is secured and see if you need to remove another part just get what you need. If you did the necessary things, then make sure that you brought with you the proper sizes of socket and wrench when you reach the junkyard. This will make buying a lot easier and faster.
  1. Take off the old part. If you are not driving your car going to the junkyard, you can take off the old part as sort of a practice. By doing that, you will not waste any time in the junkyard. Check before you go to the junkyard if they allow power tools. Different junkyard has different rules. If you want your job easier, then chose a junkyard that allows power tools.
  1. Reserve nuts and bolts. That is a smart move so that you can reuse it if you need to in the future. Remember to change nuts and bolts that are damaged. Identify which ones needs to be replaced and know its sizes. Go to an auto parts store so you can have them in advance and bring it along with you when you go to the junkyard.


Widen your knowledge by inquiring and researching about your car. Likewise, check out other cars that may share the same parts as your car. This way, you have a wider choice of cars that you can chose from to get the parts that you need.

  1. Check the conformity of the parts. Go online to search for the different models, years and built of the different vehicles. This will give you additional knowledge which vehicles has dissimilar built created by the same auto manufacturer. Chances are, they utilized the similar components as your car.
  2. Look for data regarding testing the various components. Look for fastest for parts with shifting inside pieces. You need to know what is wrong internally to make sure it is a good buy.


First, you need to have a portable jump starter and circuit tester. Take a look at the components before taking it off so you do not have to bother. Just looking at the parts may not tell you the state of the part. If  you are going to visit the junkshop, look for those that offers warranty on the components you want to purchase. This means you can return it and get another one if it does not work.

  1. Find out the part before taking it off.
  2. Find out if there is rust and damage.
  3. Examine parts.

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