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What to Do to Prevent Roadside Collisions?

You were on your way home, but then, your dashboard abruptly lights up and your car slows down. Despite your effort to push the accelerator, it just doesn’t even move a bit. Luckily, you were able to bring your car …

Watch Out for These Car Repair Fraudulent Schemes

As car owner, you know that part of it is maintenance. It is vital that you find an honest mechanic. Professional mechanics may be a bit expensive but their service is worth it.

Besides, he is taking care of something …

Why Do Car Heaters Fail?

Adequate heat is vital not just for winter, but for safe driving as well. A broken heating system is dangerous especially when you are deserted cold place. Your defroster might not work, which can result to another driving danger.

The …

6 Possible Reasons Why Your Car to Started Vibrating

Your car has been performing well for the past years, but recently, your car starts to vibrate every time you drive it. There is that bit of a wobble in your steering wheel, and your driving has become rougher than …

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Your car won’t start, huh? If you have done a thing or two, there are other possible causes. Here is a list that could help you.

  • You have corrosion in your battery

    Well,  you need to dirty your hands a

5 Ordinary Things That Can Damage Your Car’s Finish

Here are the ordinary things that will incredibly affect your car’s finish and its appearance.

  • Insects 

    Their remains can really smudge across windshields, auto grills, and bodies are not just so gross and gruesome, it can likewise damage the finish

5 Remedies to Classic Car Paint Flaws

Paint makes your car look good and classy especially if it is a vintage. Here are remedies to have that perfect paint job for your classic car:

UV fading

  • When your car paint has been unprotected for quite some time,