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What Could Trigger Car Fires? (Part 1)

The National Fire Protection Association reports that 20% of all fires that were reported were vehicle fires. We need to know what triggers car fires to lessen the chance of it happening to your own vehicle.

Usually, car fires are …

How to Choose the Right Alarm for Your Car (Part 1)

Your car is part of your life. Because it is important, you need to protect it from harm and theft by using a good car alarm. Here are the reasons why you should:

  • Hinders mischief or car theft
  • Safeguards your

5 Car AC Concerns and its Solutions (Part 1)

In some areas like Arizona, there will be times that both the heater and the air conditioning will be used in a day. This pattern continues and every afternoon it gets to be stuffy.

closeup photo of car stereo

The air conditioning system is composed …

6 Reasons Why Changing Oil Can Save Vehicles

Engines have a lot of parts that needs to be oiled to prevent damage. After a long time, the oil gets polluted with dirt, waste, and dust from its engine and its surrounding. When there is a blockage oil can’t …

List of Common Car Accessories and their Usage

Accessorizing your car is not just embellishment but also has numerous functions and purposes. While some beautification like mud flaps, seat covers, specialized rims, floor mats are supplementary protection to the car parts, the add-ons like cargo liners and pet …