Things That You Should NOT Do in Your Car (Part 2)

In Things That You Should NOT Do in Your Car (Part 1), I discussed some of the things that you should avoid doing in your car. So, let us discuss some more of these shouldn’t do in your car.

  • Do not drive when you are tired and sleepy.

The reality is that 17% of the worst accidents on the road was caused by drivers, who are so sleepy. No matter how many cup of coffee you drink or no matter how many times you washed your face with water, it still won’t work! True, the coffee will keep you alert for some time but when the effect of it goes down, you immediately fall asleep. The only way to remedy this situation is by getting a good night’s sleep!

  • Never leave your car keys in the ignition.

The body control module of your car turns off the minute you pull out the key from the ignition. If you leave your keys in it at night, the next day, your battery can be empty. Aside from that, a thief could open the window and take your car while you are sound asleep.

  • Do not doze off while your engine is running.

When you sleep in this condition, carbon monoxide can suffocate you to death. The danger here is that it is odorless that you won’t even know that the carbon monoxide is slowly killing you.

  • Practice no smoking while driving policy.

Some states could allow this, however, when you put a cigarette in your fingers and light it up, that itself is a distraction. The smoke you release can cloud your vision. It also leaves a terrible smell and it messes up your car especially if you do not have an ashtray.

  • It is a no-no to drive with a flat tire.

If you drive your car that has a flat tire, it will not just be expensive because you need to buy a new one after, but it will make you lose control that can cause a bad collision. If it is impossible for you to pull over, then drive slowly before you progressively stop your car. Better safe than sorry.

  • No empty tank, please!

Of course, you have a little more time to drive when this happens. So, fill-up your tank and do not wait for the empty tank sign again.

  • Do not eat and drink in your vehicle.

    man sitting on car seat front of steering wheel holding phone

Your car could have the accessories to hold both food and drink but when there is a sudden bump, then there will be spilling and probably falling down of the tower of burgers. Who knows, it could likewise cause an accident. So, the best thing to do is stop in a comfortable place and eat.

  • Phone and driving is a bad combination.

It has been proven that texting and driving is one of the major causes of accidents on the road. Whether talking or writing a message while driving is still a distraction.  Taking a quick look on your mobile’s screen is included, too. Despite the high technology available today, when you can use your voice to text or receive a call, people still insist on the old way. But then, that too is a distraction to someone driving.


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