Things That You Should NOT Do in Your Car (Part 1)

These are the things that are not taught in a driving school. Sure these are small things but it could cause your safety and lessen the service life of your vehicle. Not knowing is not an excuse because time will come that ignorance will boomerang on you.

  • Never rest your tired feet on the dashboard.person wearing gray socks

Not only is it such an eyesore, it can cause an accident. For example, an accident suddenly happens while your feet gleefully rest on the dashboard, the airbags comes out and that sudden movement could press your feet back and right into your face!

  • No high heels please!

Go barefoot or wear flat shoes is better. When you wear your high heels, there will be lesser pressure when you step on the pedals and this will not help during an emergency. The high heels can also get trapped on the floorboard or worst, you could press on the wrong pedal.

  • Sitting alongside your pet in a moving car.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety report that a third of dog owners acknowledged that they were distracted by their pet. The problem here is when there is an accident, the airbag deploys and that can severely hurt your pet. The worst that could happen is if it causes your dog to float off the car window during a bad frontal collision. To be safe, put your dog at the backseat and buckle up in a car seat created for pets.

  • Never drive with your kid or pet seated on your lap.

Why? Well the child might suddenly grab the steering wheel and who knows what side of the road you will end up in. Pets are dangerous too in this position. They could accidentally move and scratch your face or eyes and that could truly be so deadly. So, back to the backseat, please and buckle up!

  • Reaching something that is far from your field of vision.

While you are trying to reach something, it could be just a split second and the distraction could cause a terrible accident. You could hurt yourself or someone who is innocently crossing the street. The best thing is to ask your passenger to do it for you. If you are alone, then wait for the next stop before doing so.

  • No headphones, please!!!

This is such a common sight. Just because deaf persons can drive does not mean you can too. Remember that these type of people has more awareness than the normal person. Well, if you don’t mind landing in jail, then, be my guest.

  • Changing your clothes while driving?

Bad idea since one or both hands could be busy in such a situation, an accident could happen because your hands could not move on time. Wait until the invention of self-driving happens before you even attempt that.

  • Doing your make-up while driving?

Well, you see that being done on the road even in the movies. Women has gotten used to this type of distraction that they become confident doing it. Well, if there is a heavy traffic maybe it is a chance for you to fix yourself. But whether you are confident putting on you make-up while your car is in motion or in a traffic jam, it is still a form of distraction that may one day result to a freak accident.

  • Never leave your kid inside the car.

It looks manageable, but the reality is that the car is like an oven that the temperature in its interior is hotter than the temperature outside of it. Your kid could die of heat stroke because kids absorb heat more easily than grown-ups.  In most states, you could be charged for endangering your own child.

That is all for now! I will share more information on Things That You Should NOT Do in Your Car (Part 1)