Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Car Tires

Tire longevity means giving them regular monthly check ups and correct inflation. Inspect the tread wear and tear too. These will make sure that you will enjoy the pinnacle of its good performance and you are assured of safety as well.

So, here’s a bit of advice for your tire care:

Retain the right inflation pressure

If you want a good performance from your tire, make sure that it has the right inflation pressure. This will make sure that riding your vehicle is safe and it will help save fuel. Inspect your tires at least once a month when they are not as hot.  Make sure its precise tire pressure gauge 1.

Make sure you maintain the correct inflation pressure

Take a look at your owner’s manual or look at the vehicle placard. This tire maintenance maybe simple, but a lot of people does not know its importance. Having the correct inflation pressure will help to your tires durability and longevity.

The wrong pressure in your tire can do irreversible damage such as air loss and further air loss and serious cracking. It will also lessen the weight capability, and for sure, it will result to a tremendous amount of resistivity in its rolling performance. Apart from what I mentioned, over inflation will make driving unpleasant and produces vibration to your vehicle. You are at a high risk of impact harm!

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Never excessively swirl your tires

Never spin your tire especially during freezing weather, sand or mud. The result is overheating and irreversible damage. Be sure you do your forward and backward movement lightly when you drive.

Inspect for damages

Make sure that you inspect your tires every month so you know your tire’s health. There could be bulges, knows, penetrations, impacts, air loss. This means you should remove your tire and let a professional inspect.

Find out if there is wear and tear   

When your tires attained the 1.6mm in tread depth, take it off. This condition will be dangerous in especially during wet weather as it might cause skidding due to bald tires. Overly tattered tires bald has more probability to endure ruptures.

Do not mount your tires

Never attempt to do this. Your tire rim might just blow up if your mounting is not correct. Read your manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that the tire and rim diameter matches. You should hire a trained personnel to do this for you.  Never combine tire of various types and sizes on similar axle. Make sure that the fitting of all of the tires are the same size and type as stated by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Don’t put a lot of weight on your vehicle

To protect your tires, observe its load limits. Putting a lot of excessive things on your vehicle causes stress on your tires not mentioning its other components. This can create bad handling, higher gas consumption that may result to damaged tire. Utilize new tires that has fewer weight capacity compared to the car’s tire placard. Do not forget that the maximum rim width is vital for correct tire weight function and distribution.


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