Facts to Learn Before Altering the Color of Your Car (Part 2)

In Facts to Learn Before Altering the Color of Your Car (Part 1), I discussed about the important things to know before changing your car’s color. Today, I will talk about the other vital facts you need to know.

Know the Laws that Govern for Changing the Color of Your Car

There are laws to follow according to the motor vehicles act. Know that there are some countries that do NOT permit this, but there are provisions that will allow you to legally alter the color of your vehicle.

Decide on the color and take a sample code from your service provider, and then bring, a color change application to the motor vehicles office. Make sure you bring your car registrations certificate.

 Altering the Color of Your Car Will NOT Repair Everything

Altering the color of your car does not mean it will cover the obvious dings, rust stains, and scratches. It can only conceal the discoloration and spots when you repaint your car. THAT’S ALL!

If you try to do it yourself and you know little about the process, the repainting might just have a reverse result after it is done. Worse, the spots could become more obvious in a few areas because of the glossy paint. If that will be the case, you should consider having a professional, like Chaney’s Collision Center,  to do it for you.

Painting Also Means You Have to Take Off Your Car’s Interior

If you do not remove the interiors of your car, there is a big chance that they can be harmed while it is being painted. Professionals will definitely tell you that he has to remove parts to lessen the danger of any random damage.

There are a lot of preparation before you begin to paint.

Here are the important steps to be done:

  • Cutting is taking off the first layers of the previous paint.
  • Sanding is utilizing an automatic sanding machine.
  • Priming with good quality primers is applying it to the tough exterior of your car to make it smooth.
  • Rust Freeing involves cleaning with mixed chemicals to eliminate the possibility of getting rust.
  • Fixing is repairing any part of your vehicle that needs it.

These are the preparation needed to be done, and a professional shop, like Chaney’s Collision Center, will follow each step carefully. Every step is necessary to get an even and glossy finish.

Painting Your Car Will Take Time

Do not rush and paint your car right away. Your chosen color cannot be applied to your vehicle straightaway as it has particular procedures that cannot be omitted before putting new paint to your car. The standard length that this job takes is at least a week.

Do NOT Be Tempted to Do a DIY on Your Car

Of course, you can research online, watch a video about painting your car, but even your self-confidence will not help you. The fact is, you are not a professional painter and attempting to be one at this point. A word of advice: get a professional!


Chaney’s Collision Center is an auto repair shop that could meet your painting needs, and the professionally trained repair experts can guide in choosing the best automotove refinish for your vehicle. Chaney’s Collision Center has been serving the folks of Phoenix, Arizona since 1977. You may call Chaney’s Collision Center at (623) 915-2886.