Why You Don’t Have To “Warm Up” Modern Vehicles in Cold Weather

Remember how your parents used to warm up the car every morning during winter when you were a kid?

You don’t need to do that anymore – modern cars don’t need to be warmed up in cold weather. Outside of …

Photo Radar Ticketing in Arizona

Photo radar tickets – what are your thoughts on them? Well, most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about speed cameras or photo enforcement cameras so long as we follow traffic rules and stay within the speed …

Why the Paint Your Auto Body Repair Shop Uses Matters

Getting a new paint job for your car? Before you leave your car in the hands of an auto body shop, it’s best to ask about the paint they are using. They should be using high-quality paint that will restore

When Should You Touch up Your Car’s Paint Job

Our cars’ paint job can look great as long as we clean them regularly. However, outdoor dirt, UV rays, and wear and tear can damage paint over time. This is something home remedies can’t fix alone. But knowing when the

What to Consider Before Getting Your Car Painted

Do you want to give your car a fresh look? Paying for a new paint job for your vehicle might be exciting, but you should always consider some factors before doing so. Remember that repainting your car will cost you

Top 7 Things That Damage Car Paint

You may not notice it but there are many elements that damage your car’s paint. From outdoor dirt to the chemicals your car gets exposed to, the paint will soon start to experience wear and tear. Many car owners don’t

The Cost of Bumper Repair

A minor accident can cause damage to your car’s bumper. But it can be even worse during a serious collision. To get it back in shape, you have to look for a reliable auto body shop with enough knowledge about

Remember to Replace Your Car Seat after an Accident

If your car has been involved in a collision, it’s recommended to change the car seats. This is a matter of safety, especially if children will be riding in the vehicle. Aside from using the recommended restraints, you should also

Everything You Need to Know about Fender Liners

During winter, the combination of snow and salt becomes damaging for cars. When it slushes into the wheels without a fender liner, there’s a chance that the corrosive pair will get into the trunk and the engine. Even with frequent

Comparing Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Car insurance is indispensable for every car owner. However, applying for coverage can get tricky due to jargon and endless options. For someone who’s new to insurance, knowing what’s best is a challenge, much more so if budget is an