The Link Between Collision Repair Shops and Insurance Companies

After a collision, one principal cause of stress is fixing your car. We all know that even the slightest damage can be costly and looking for the right auto body repair shop is another stressful activity… AND this becomes harder …

5 Things to Anticipate from Collision Repair Services

When you get into an accident, there could be a lot of things to be fixed thanks to your insurance company. In most cases, the insurance will probably take care of the bill. However, if you need to pay, here’s …

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Your car won’t start, huh? If you have done a thing or two, there are other possible causes. Here is a list that could help you.

  • You have corrosion in your battery

    Well,  you need to dirty your hands a

5 Ordinary Things That Can Damage Your Car’s Finish

Here are the ordinary things that will incredibly affect your car’s finish and its appearance.

  • Insects 

    Their remains can really smudge across windshields, auto grills, and bodies are not just so gross and gruesome, it can likewise damage the finish

5 Remedies to Classic Car Paint Flaws

Paint makes your car look good and classy especially if it is a vintage. Here are remedies to have that perfect paint job for your classic car:

UV fading

  • When your car paint has been unprotected for quite some time,

Should Your Auto Mechanic Be Licensed?

If you have a car, there will come a time that you need to repair it and even the slightest repair can cost you a hefty sum of money. You need to look for an auto repair shop that has …

5 Things Your Auto Mechanic Wants You To Know

When your car malfunctions, it becomes a big problem. However, before you have your car repaired, you owe to know these 5 things.

When the law of nature takes control, nothing will be right. Emergencies can happen almost every time. …

5 Tips for Better Sun Protection

In this blog post, I will share some tips in protecting your car. If you are not familiar, the sun can contribute to the ageing of your precious vehicle. Discoloration, hideous spots and other cracks can be because of the …

5 Car Repairs That You Should NOT Attempt Doing

You are probably enjoying fixing your vehicle, but there are just some things that you cannot do. Of course, you were able to do some fixing before but you need to know when it is right time to bring your …

Differences Between Diesel and Gas Engines

The majority of passenger vehicles driven in the United States use a gasoline-powered engine. If you’re thinking about going to diesel or ever wondered the difference between the two, here is some of the information that you’ll want to know.…