Questions To Ask At Your Local Repair Shop

When your car breaks down, you almost always have to take it to your local repair shop if you can’t fix it yourself. It might seem like a simple enough task until you realize that there could be dozens, if

How To Lower Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can either save you money or completely spare you the trouble of having to pay for damages from an accident. Depending on your policy, it can cover repairs and replacement costs to a certain extent.

These benefits come

How To Drive To Avoid Collisions

Unsafe driving and certain road conditions place you at risk of collision. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTA), car accidents happen every day by the minute. Collisions can be fatal at times. In the U.S. it claims an

Here’s How To Protect Your New Car

So you got a brand new car. Since you’ve already invested time and money comparing vehicles and deciding which one to buy, now isn’t the time to stop. The next step is to protect your investment, starting with dents and

Bigger Or Smaller: Which Cars Are Safer?

Would-be car owners often wonder if size plays a role in the safety of a vehicle once it hits the road. Beyond safety concerns, the size of a car is also a huge factor when deciding to buy.

Maybe you

A Schedule To Care For Your Car

Cars naturally weather with time depending on use and how well (or badly) you look after them. Without proper upkeep, a vehicle can look worn out and suffer from performance issues. Experts recommend having regular maintenance so your car can

Ways to Improve your Driving Skill

We can generally agree that there are some drivers on the road that could certainly improve on their driving skill. There’s nothing you can do for them specifically, but what you can do is to improve your own driving skills …

How to Change a Headlight Bulb

You know how important your car headlights are, we don’t need to tell you that. It is very rare for car headlights to go out, but sometimes they do. The headlight lamp could go out all of a sudden and …

5 Easy Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

There are a few things that none of us can control – such as the price of gas. There are so many reasons why gas prices are going up – the Venezuelan crisis, unrest in the Middle East, deliberate cut …

The Difference between Gasoline Grades

When you pull up at a gas station, you’re hit with three choices as far as the gasoline grades. Regular, Plus and Premium: Which is the right one for your car?

The thing about gasoline grades is that just because …