Why Car Owners Must Have a Torque Wrench

Torque wrenches are versatile that it can do a lot of things for whatever repairs you need to do for your car. In 5 Vital Considerations When Getting a Torque Wrench, I discussed 5 important points when buying it. Today, I will continue the discussion by sharing its importance and function.


There is a disparity between an ordinary wrench and a torque wrench. The latter suggests no matter if it is a ticking noise, electronic window, gauge or even a needle, it will show precisely how much power is being used. It is vital that you know some nuts need a very particular kind of tightening. If you just guess, you might not get the recommended amount.

A mere estimation does not work especially if it concerns definite nuts and bolts on your car. You might think that you have tightened it correctly, but you are mistaken. 


The answer is simple: you need to be PRECISE. If it is too loose, the fastener could disengage and that will be a huge concern. Too tight might damage the fastener or the fastened part. Too much tightening of the lug nuts on a wheel could result to a vital trouble of the stuck lugs, early brake wear, fewer efficient stopping and brake-rotor distortion.

Likewise, it could induce the threaded part of the wheel stud to break off. If you do not tighten the lug nuts correctly, it could result to the lug to detach and the outcome could be the wheel falling off. No wonder why the owner’s manual is very precise in the torque stipulation for lug nuts.

You are probably thinking of doing some important engine work or perhaps on powertrain parts. A torque wrench assures the accuracy and guarantees the integrity of the parts. When you tighten too much the cylinder-head bolts, it can readily cause a costly damage and much more disastrous coolant waste. If you tighten a bit more on your exhaust manifold bolts it could break.

person holding red metal frame

Torque specs are crucial that almost all the shop manuals for it gives repair measures to follow. They also provided back-page tables to show where the fastener is, appointment, and individual specs. Its power can be calculated in units of meter-kilograms, newton-meters, and pound-feet. If this is not, then, the case makes sure you get a conversion table. In the U.S., a lot of vehicles state their torque specs by lb-ft.


As mentioned earlier, the torque wrench is calibrated. Additionally, it is utilized in a particular quantity of force, weight to a nut or bolt. The torque quantity that is required relies on the amount of power that you are implementing on its handle and the total length of the tool. This is due to the fact that the torque is the power expanded by the tool’s length. 

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