5 Vital Considerations When Getting a Torque Wrench

You may think that torque wrenches are just a waste of money, you are wrong. They have particular uses. In fact, they are multiple instruments for multiple utilization. One application is changing the rims. It fastens lug nuts with no harm done to the rim. It is likewise vital for light materials such as aluminium which can readily dent. It can do bearings, bolt pulleys, and a lot more.

Now you have decided to buy yourself a torque wrench, but it is not as simple. You must know first if what you are buying is appropriate to your requirements and needs. You also need to know the characteristics to search for. It is a precision tool and having said that you should zero in the crucial elements that will establish the torque wrench’s lastingness and practical exactness. Whatever you decide, just know that fine tuning a torque wrench is crucial for accuracy.black and gray metal pipe



A fine brand is stable and gives a precise outcome compared to a more inferior brand that could easily break or damage. Whatever brand you chose, it still needs a routine calibration.


Torque wrench has 3 kinds you can opt for based on the things they provide. Here are the types:

  1. Beam type – the most common and earliest type.
  2. Digital wrench- It possesses an alert when the right torque is used as well as a good memory. This kind is great for overall automotive jobs.
  3. Interchangeable head torque wrench- has numerous torque wrench heads to decrease the requirement for various torque wrenches.


It has various prices for torque wrenches because of more features. The lesser features of course are cheaper. Do not look at the price. Look at the many things it can do. Putting in money for good quality tools will pay off.


Buying a torque wrench of high-quality will be more competent and will last longer compared to the low quality wrench. Aside from this, the quality of your work may also decrease.


There are four sizes of wide range square heads. This is to fit in the various functions, which corresponds to the work we need to do.

  • ¼ in. drive – this is for little nuts and bolts. Ex. Bicycles, garden tools, and motorcycles. They produce more or less 4 up to 21 ft-lb of torque.
  • 3/8 in. drive – this is good for almost all of the cars like light trucks, passenger vehicles, and cars. They produce 15 up to 75 ft-lb torque. This kind has the best flexible size and can do a lot of tasks.
  • 1/2 in. drive – this one can handle bigger nuts and bolts such as suspensions and engine mounts.
  • 3/4 in. drive – this is vital for specific applications such as tractor trailers and bigger cargo aircraft.

Torque wrenches measure fastener tightness—how much force it takes to keep turning the fastener against rising friction. With this measurement, you can clamp down a fastener with the right amount of pressure or load.

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