5 Tips When Driving a Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

All vehicles have its own benefits and drawbacks that is likewise true when driving a rear wheel or RWD. So, if you are thinking of buying or you already have an RWD, then, you need to know some tips. But before I discuss that, let us know more about rear wheel drive vehicles.


In a special transmission structure and engine system, a rear wheel drive vehicles gives engine power just in the back end wheels. Normally, it has an engine vertically placed in front of the car.

An advantage of this type of vehicle is that it has a more manageable steering.  Another benefit is that it apportions its weight equally in front and at the back wheel pairs. This is the reason why a lot of sports cars are rear wheel drive. Lastly, it is great in tough driving. It can withstand numerous shocks free from impairment of any of its parts.


Now that you own an RWD car, here are the DO NOTS:

  • Do not drive faster while you are turning

If you are used to own a front wheel drive or FWD, you will have a hard time utilizing the throttle that takes control of the engine’s power. By pushing the throttle or accelerator more, you under steer, which means you have to release the gas and put the vehicle on the right direction again.

  • Do not press or elevate the throttle abruptly

In RWD, you could definitely over steer, but always remember an abrupt elevation of the throttle could result in advancing the imbalance of your car.  Never press on the brakes when you still have no control of your steering wheel.  Gradually, slow down the back end wheel drive and your car will reduce the load shift effect on the wheels. In the end, it will enable it to handle the unnecessary spin.

  • Do not get used to tough shiftingblack car on road covered with snow during daytime

It may not seem to be a clever tip, but the effect is surely surprising for rear wheel drive vehicles. When a high efficiency driving is needed, downshifting is the correct combination for both the wheel and engine speed. After, shift up to attain rapid and more rapid acceleration in your vehicle. If you do this in an RWD vehicle, your back wheels will jam occasionally which, means the engine may stop. If not, you will experience crude stops.

  • Do not use the handbrake unless you use the clutch

Do not touch the handbrake unless you press down the clutch because it will disclose the gear, transmission, and wheels to such a tough disturbance. Later on, you will realize that this kind of habit will give you needless hazard one day.

  • Do not drive through snowy roads without using winter tires

Since the rear wheel drive is lighter, without the winter tires, the vehicle can decrease its capability to keep a surface securely without slipping. That is not only dangerous but it could cause you to be trapped in a place you are not familiar with.

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