Reasons Why More Recent Cars Do Not Have a 2-Spoke Steering Wheel

The steering wheel job is to direct the wheels where you want it to go whether the left or the right. But there is still one thing that it does: a little turn of the steering wheel could properly rectify the car’s wheel angles exactly to give a most competent control. The 2 spoke steering wheel is just one of the examples.


 As mentioned earlier, the steering wheel helps the driver to whatever direction he wants to take. What we only know is what we see happening, but inside the car, there are a lot of things going on. A steering instantly connects to the car wheels by means of a system that is similar to rack and pinion or a ball mechanism.

A steering wheel is critical for several car tasks. Aside from transmitting the course of your car, it also contains crucial safety systems, and these are the following:

  • Horn – it is located in the driving wheel. The switch of the horn is in the central hub or in the edge of the steering wheel.
  • Cruise control – it was Ford who pioneered in putting the cruise control inside the steering wheel.
  • Airbag – when a collision happens the airbag in the steering wheel ideally in the central hub, which helps lessen the injury that may occur.
  • Information / entertainment system – in the more current cars, this control system is in the steering steering wheel


What is a spoke steering wheel? It links the wheel to the steering column. It can also be a hand rest. Spokes in the drive wheel increase the stiffness to the rim of your car’s wheel. Moreover, it puts more style to the interior of your vehicle.

Today, a lot of car owners prefer the two-spoke steering wheels because it gives more clarity to the dashboard systems aside from adding a sharp look to a car. Admittedly, the steering wheel is the focal point of the car’s interior. Little spokes makes it looks neat and more fashionable.  Examples of cars that have 2-spoke drive wheels are Ferrari F8 Tributo, Corvette V8, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, and more.

Nowadays, few modern cars have 2-spoke drive wheels as it cannot accommodate the many buttons while being firmly in place. So, many of the car owners look for 2-spoke steering wheel in stores such as NRG, Sparco, and Momo and they still have the quality standard that will last for a long period of time.

In the end, the 2-spoke steering wheel is cool and gives that kind of fashionable look. But since, very few manufacturers produce this kind; you could easily purchase one in the nearest aftermath store near you.

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