Thanksgiving Travel Forecast

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly! This holiday is a celebration of family, togetherness, and a show of appreciation for all the good things we are blessed with in our lives. A high percentage of Americans will be traveling on Thanksgiving, and …

AUTO REPAIR: When to DIY and When to Call the Professionals

Some vehicle maintenance is simpler than others, and you may wonder to yourself when you should repair yourself, and when work is best left up to the professionals. Many of us are unable to do any basic vehicle work on …

Driving In Different Weather Conditions

We typically have it pretty easy here in Arizona as far as weather and driving go, but when it rains, or when you go up north to see the snow in the winter, driving is very different, and potentially dangerous …

Best Arizona Road Trip

Arizona is a state that is rich in natural scenery – much of the state is very sparsely populated, and there are a ton of beautiful day trips that people can take. Also, we have some of the best roads

Cars and Features for Dog Lovers

Have you ever wanted it to be easier to transport your furry best friend? Sometimes, transporting your dog from place to place can be quite challenging, especially when they get dirty. Let’s talk about some of the features that make


Right of way laws are absolutely essential as they help people drive safely. These rules have more to do with basic courtesy and common sense than anything else. Right of way laws in Arizona apply not only to car drivers, …

What is Arizona Lemon Law

“Lemon” is a term used to describe a car that seemed perfectly normal when it was purchased, but ended up giving you lots of problems soon after that. It has already been in the shop half a dozen times or

Why you should repair your car not replace it after a collision

For some being in a car wreck is an excuse to buy a brand new car—especially if theirs is looking a little worse for wear. But while the prospect of driving a shiny new car can be enticing, there are

How to know you’ve found a collision repair center you can trust

For some unlucky souls, what happens after an accident is worse than the accident itself. And given how horrific being in a car crash can be, that’s saying something. Everyone has heard stories of dodgy auto body repair shops that

What To Do When You Need To Get Auto Body Scratch Repair

Driving around in a brand new car can be an exhilarating experience. Your car looks great, it drives like a dream, and you are turning heads everywhere you go. But things can quickly turn sour when you go to get