Everything You Need To Know About Towing Scams

Maybe your car got stalled or isn’t drivable some reason. Either way, you’re stuck on the side of the road, trying to figure out where you could get a towing service. All of a sudden, a car tow shows up …

What Happens When You Are Hit By An Uninsured Driver?

Knowing that you have car insurance can be a relief. But according to the Insurance Research Council (IRC), 1 in every 7 drivers in the U.S. don’t have any car insurance. That’s about 14% of American drivers. It’s even worse

How to Care for Your Car in the Summer

Summer makes you think about hitting the beach, getting a nice golden tan, or eating a fresh seafood platter. But have you ever thought about your car and how it’s such a bad time for them?

There are so many

How Much Will My Insurance Increase After A Collision?

Having a car insurance policy is an excellent way to protect yourself. If ever you get into a car accident, your provider will help pay for repairs and the medical expenses of injured people.

However, it’s no secret that once

What To Look For When Comparing Auto Repair Estimates

Whenever your vehicle needs repairs or replacement after a collision, it helps to compare estimates from local repair shops. Most people would just narrow them down to the cheapest offers available. But it’s the biggest mistake that any car owner

How to Wash Your Car to Protect Its Paint

That nice car paint you have? It does more than make your vehicle look good. Paint actually protects the steel body of the car right underneath it. The protective coat prevents dirt and moisture from getting in contact with the

How to Keep Rust Off Your Car

Quick fact: Your car is 65% metal. A combination of steel and iron.

Rust is bad news for any vehicle and basically eats away metal parts. Once rust sets in, it’s only going to spread and weaken the structure of

How to Sell A Damaged Car

A damaged car doesn’t have to be a total loss of investment. It’s still possible to make money out of it and sell it for a good deal. Following are some tips for selling a vehicle that’s taken quite a

How to Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Storage

With proper maintenance, a car can handle a daily drive. But there will be times when you won’t be able to use it for prolonged periods.

Some seasons can make it impossible to travel for certain vehicles. Or you might

Car Rental Tips

Renting a car is something we have to do every once in a while, whether it’s a substitute vehicle when we are in an accident, or as a result of travel. Some of the basic things you should consider when …