Simple Pointers on Keeping the Correct Posture When Driving

Driving professionally or just occasionally, correct posture in driving is crucial not just to the road safety but to your health as well. The correct posture can absolutely keep you from vehicular collisions by making sure that your quick reflex can prevent such situation. That is the main reason for this topic today.


  • Make sure you have the right height
    • The perfect height has the eye level of at least 8 cm higher than the top of your steering wheel. This position enables you have a full sight of the entire road. Also, take a look if all the instruments can be seen. Be cautious that you do not hit the roof with your head.
  • Tilt back on the seatman driving a car wearing wrist watch
    • Sitting down straight in a severe 90 degree angle can be straining to the driver after only a few minutes. The right way is to tilt back a bit in a 100 to 110 degrees. Do not overdo as it will cause your neck to experience tension.
  • Mind your knee position
    • Make sure that when you are driving, your knees is in the same level of your hips. Well, a little bit over than your hips is fine as well. Normally, 20-30 degrees of an elevated angle is good enough.
    • Make sure that it is easy for you to step on the pedals when needed. Your heel should stay calmly on the floor while your feet is ready to step on the pedals. Fix the car seat to enable you to step on the pedals while your back stays on the backrest.
  • Space from the steering wheel
    • In the middle of the chest and the wheel, a distance of 30 cm. is good. Your arms must be able to bend them in a 120 degrees angle.
  • Space amidst the knee and the seat
    • Make certain that there is a two finger space between the backside of your knees and the seat’s cushion. If it does not, then your blood will not circulate well.
  • Need some headrest too
    • The headrest is good to avoid whiplash. It should be in the mid of your head. It also shows that the head is distant further.
  • Check the position of the mirror
    • Sit down in a comfortable position. Fix the mirror in such a way that you can view the traffic at your back and on your side without moving your head.
  • Ease Up!
    • Do not forget to ease up every so often. And as much as possible, do not drive for two long hours to avoid cramps and tension. Take a break from driving even if you are observing the driving posture. This will keep you comfy and relaxed.  It might even avoid a possible collision.
  • Additional suggestions:
    • If you are thinking of purchasing a car, do consider your height so you could have enough room for yourself especially if you are more than 6 ft. tall. Make sure you chose a vehicle that has adjustments in its seats and in its steering wheel. A backrest is a must.
    • If the car of your desire does not have a lumbar support, roll-up a towel and place it at the back.
    • Try to change your position in driving from time to time.
    • Change your hand position in the steering wheel to avoid tiredness.

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