Winter Car Emergency Kit – A Must!

Do not allow yourself to be trapped in a frosty weather unless you would rather feel horrible than prepared.

There are two available types of winter car emergency kit. One is coming up with your own winter car emergency kit or getting a ready emergency kit. But don’t you think it is better for you to come up with your own emergency kit? That way you get to choose the brand and the type. Just research so you can buy what you need. Make sure you invest your money in high quality products that can last truck and people

Keep your vehicle serviced well

Think of this scenario, you kept on postponing the tune-up for your car and you keep on giving yourself various excuses just because you find it expensive. But then one day, you found yourself in the middle of nowhere with a car that wouldn’t start. This time no one is to blame but you. Never skip on the tune-up expenses.

Be prepared for the worst situations.

The kind of preparation during harsh weather really depends on your type of driving. Different places dictates the kind of car emergency kit you need.

Nobody can really be prepared for the worst scenario as even the best emergency kit can fail to meet the situation. What if you are trapped in a snow storm that you need to stay there for a few days? If you know you might end up in a road where a few travels, then have an ice scraper at the back of your trunk. It will not hurt if you have a bit of non-perishable food stuff and water just in case. Look at it this way, isn’t it better to be prepared than to pay the price of being unprepared? 

Heat and hydration are crucial!

Keeping warm and hydrated are the two vital conditions that is good for youif you got stuck in your car, So what else do you need? You can do away with food for some time but not without water. Well, there is icy snow all over, so water is within your reach.

If you have been driving for a couple of hours, the water jug you kept in your trunk would be frozen by the time you need to drink. That is when small water containers are more useful and easily handled as they thaw in the heat coming from your car. You can have small bottles in a little cooler and the other small bottles can be taken the minute it thaws. If you reside in a remote place think of having an emergency stove and a little camp pan kept in your kit to melt snow.

Food as mentioned early may not be as important as water but nonetheless vital. Get those calorie dense and non-perishable food stuff that you enjoy eating such as dried fruit, nuts, granola, and energy bars that are suitable for the eventuality. You can eat them after a few weeks so you can buy fresh ones to make sure that when the time comes, you have to eat food that has been staying inside your car for ages.

Do add extra winter clothes and a sleeping bag if you can. It is wise to have scarves you can wrap around your neck, hats, and gloves. These accessories will help keep you warm.

Make sure you can call for help!

Emergency situation calls for you to make an urgent cry for help. Do your best to send a signal. Have 1 or better 2 LED emergency beacons so passer-by would immediately notice. Secure a flashlight with long battery life to assure that it will work.

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