The Car Emergency Kit You Need

You are driving alone when suddenly, your car stopped. You frantically went down of your car to go to your trunk. And then you stopped. You remembered that your brother have reminded you to have an emergency kit at the trunk of your car, but you haven’t gotten around to do it yet. Murphy’s Law is bound to happen anytime of the day. Now you feel sorry for yourself because you were not prepared for such a mishap.

Lesson learned but you do not have to experience such frustration again. Today, we shall discuss the things you need to have inside the trunk of your car in case of an emergency.

A High Caliber Flashlight

A lot of brands has the standard “D” cell flashlights that uses the usual bulbs, LED types that contains lithium batteries that takes a longer time before you have to change it. Whatever you chose, it is important to have an extra bulb ready. It can come handy.

Emergency Tool Kits

There are pre-packaged emergency tool kits, but that does not mean you cannot come up with your own. That way, you get to pick the tools you think you need. You can also chose the quality. Below is a list you might want to consider:

  1. Flat-Blade screwdrivers and have 2 unlike sizes.
  2. A reliable screwdriver.
  3. A pair of pliers.
  4. A pair of vise-grips.
  5. A little hammer.
  6. Set of wire cutters ideally one with wire stripping.
  7. Small knife.

To prepare you for that roadside problem, have a little roll of electrical tape, mechanic’s wire, a few extra fuses, a roll of electrical wire will help in roadside car problems. Wrap them and put inside a bag, preferably a sports bag. That is much cheaper than the pre-packaged emergency tool Erste Hilfe med kit

First aid kit

You can save your life and other people’s lives too if you have this. It will not cost you a fortune and for less than $20.00 you will have most of what you need during desperate times. Check out the nearest sporting goods stores, especially one that has camping and hiking paraphernalia, which can be perfect to keep in your trunk.

Jumper cables

You can either buy a jump starter, but you can likewise use a set of booster cables. Go to a good auto parts store near you to help you assemble your jump starter.

Tire pressure gauge and tire inflator

Get a precise gauge that can give you stable readings. If your tire inflators comes with sealing properties that would be just great. The popular brands work on similar rule which is as follows:

  • Take off the valve cap of the flat tire.
  • Place the hose on the inflator.
  • Thrust down on the button.

Now, the tire is well inflated, and the hole is sealed.

Flares or Safety Triangles

It is good to have road flares when you have a car problem. They warn drivers that there is a car in trouble so they would not collide with it. Safety triangles may not be as discernible like the flares but it is recyclable andis safe. It only takes a little space inside the trunk just like the flares.

Fire extinguisher

In case of automobile fire, you need to make sure you have at least a 2.5 fire extinguisher and get a fast-release mount for it.

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