6 Things To NOT Do When Driving An Automatic Transmission Vehicle

One of the best invention ever is the automatic transmission in cars. Aside from the fact that it is easy to drive, it opened an entire period for those who owns car because of the security it gives. This is a preference not just the ordinary car owners who only have fundamental knowledge in driving, but the professional drivers as well. The question is… does this kind of car gives its complete protection to drivers? Unfortunately, it does not.

While it is true that automatic transmission cars are secure, there are some things you need to evade no matter what when you are steering the wheel. Below are the records that can destroy a vehicle that will place the car owner accountable for some hefty repair bills.

Sliding on a Steep Slope Using the Neutral Modeblack and grey gear shift lever

A lot of people make this kind of error in driving. This will not help in speeding up unless you slow down. This reduces the supply of oil to the transmission that results to inappropriate lubrication for it to give a good performance. This causes a substantial depreciation. Because of this, you have to stop this bad habit unless you don’t mind spending for repairs.

Changing Gears when the Vehicle Is Running

You definitely not saving gas in doing this.  What is does is that it causes the transmission parts to shift direction very quickly, which wears down the gearbox at a very staggering speed. To stop your car, utilize your brakes. There are people who change to park excluding pressing the brakes. Another bad thing for the gearbox.

Holding the Neutral Mode During Red Light

This is one of the fastest way of harming your vehicle, and people think they are actually saving on the fuel. In truth, the harm is really slight if you just press the brakes by holding the gearbox. The real injury is when you actually shift inside and outside of the neutral mode.

Changing into the Parking Mode Prior to Totally Stopping Your Vehicle

You can do this if you have turned off the engine of your car. This will only result to a locking pin to be placed inside a gear connected to the gearbox output shaft. Additionally, wheels are linked to the same shaft. Therefore, when you lock it while the car is moving, you could destroy the locking pin.

Driving Aggressively Without Warming Up your Car’s Engine

This is such a humongous mistake particularly during winter. When it is cold, the oil is thicker and moves sluggishly. You have to give the fuel at least a minute to rush into transmission and all the other parts needed. If you force the car to move fast without starting, it may cause serious damage to your car.

Not Refuelling Even if the Tank Is Nearly Empty

You should make sure that your tank fuel is either full or half-filled. An automatic vehicle mostly relies on fluid pressure for it to give a good performance. The fuel aids the car’s engine and other parts to stay cool and greased. Hence, if you keep your tank low on the liquid, then it will quickly tire out.

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