How to Prepare Your Car for Winter? (Part 1)

Do you know that the winter weather can damage your vehicle especially if it is an old one? It is vital that you take the needed steps for your car to endure the devastating effects of winter. Here are ways you can winterize your car:


During cold seasons, the battery of your car will have a difficult time to implement its task. It is during this time that its power decreases to 50% and that is a lot! So, before winter comes, make certain that your battery could endure the cold weather.white vehicle on road covered with snow

  • Check the cables and terminals of your battery if it is without damage or corrosion.
  • Have a professional mechanic test your battery’s load. This will determine if your battery can receive a charge. If your battery is more than 5 years you should consider buying a new one in time to be ready for the winter road.
  • It is also safe that if your battery is 3 years old, make sure you have it checked yearly.
  • Another way of checking your battery is by turning on your headlights, and then, starting the engine.


  • Take a look at the right tread and the proper amount of pressure for your tires. Consult your owner’s manual.You can likewise look at the side door of your car or doorframe. Soon as you know, then use a tire gauge to measure the pressure of your tires. Do this every single week.
  • Change dilapidated tires. All-weather tires are efficient even during cold weather, but other states will oblige vehicle owners to use tire chain. So if you are to drive in another state, find out first if snow tires is a requirement.
  • If you reside in a place inclined to ice and snow, use tire chains or tires with studs to have a better grasp of the winter road.


Beat the cold weather, do the following:

  • Empty your cooling system and replace with fresh antifreeze. This procedure has to be accomplished at least once a year.
  • Look at your owner’s manual to know the right coolant level.
  • Be certain that the reserve and overflow tank fluid levels are enough.


The worst thing that could happen to a driver is to drive and see nothing! The weather could be erratic during cold weather. Drivers has to face the different risks that comes with winter such us rain, ice, sleet, and snow. If your wiper blades does not work, it could be a cause for a collision.

  • Change your damaged windshield wipers because salt and sand are widespread during winter.
  • Change your fluid in your wiper and mix it with a combination of winter blend and make sure you can keep the correct fluid level.
  • Think of getting a winter wiper blades. This wipes out the ice and the snow efficiently.
  • It is good to change your wiper blades annually.

For now, let’s end this topic here, but I will continue on How to Prepare Your Car for Winter? (Part 2) shortly.

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