The Issues in New Cars Based on the Account of the Owners

As car owners, we all know that your car needs the usual maintenance and examination to make sure it runs smoothly. After many years of mileage, surely, the parts will definitely be worn out and this needs money and time to repair.

Yes, even fresh from the showroom floor or after a few months of driving, unexpected problems arise. It is a good thing that third-party companies have been trailing on this concern for many years.

Trailing Primary Quality

According J.D. Power’s IQS study, there has been problems even for new cars. Their Initial Quality Study examined the 90 days of driving of a vehicle. The objective is to know the good brands for preliminary assessment of quality, and the problems that has been indicated by vehicle owners.

The study involved indiscriminately chosen national example of owners of at least 200 models and with the goal of having, more or less, 450 accomplished surveys for every model. Normally, every year the survey is amidst 75,000 and 80,000 total interviewees. They have all been double checked and found real owners of the car they use.

Each owners were carefully chosen and each one received a special ID/password and decides if they want to finish the survey or not.  The currently finished survey for the fresh new car is extensive, complete and long questionnaire. The result was utilized to create a list of vehicle brand.

The many issues that were reported by those who bought their vehicles and that is per 100 vehicles or ‘PP100’ (means for issues per 100 vehicles through the three-year window.) The most recent IQS, Genesis is first, Kia second, and Hyudai lands third, garnering PP100 scores ranking from 63 to 71. Meanwhile, the vehicles that are at the bottom are Mitsubishi, Land Rover and Jaguar at 121, 123, and 130 PP100, accordingly.

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Difficult Electronics

The results revealed that a number of people are experiencing electronic troubles such as driver assistance, infotainment, controls, displays and other features. Despite the fact that these difficulties does not lead to product failure, they are still very inconvenient to buyers who spent a great deal of money. For sure, you didn’t sign up for features that are difficult to use.

Sounds, Engine Issues

Aside for the difficult electronics, the most recent IQS has discovered other issues such as undesirable sounds. There are problems with the suspension, engine, and brakes. Additional, there a lot of these complaints can be linked to vehicles being in the dealer’s lot for a long time.

Lot Rot Plus Covid-19 Concerns

The lot rot refers to the time the vehicle was made and the time it was purchased. If any new owner observes issues, report it right away to the dealer to know what you can remedy the problems. Nowadays, cars will be staying in the dealer’s lot longer due to Covid-19. If you are looking for auto repair shop, Chaney’s Collision Center can handle any of your car concerns.

Engine Problem

Aside from the issues above, there are other problems that may arise as well. So, check on the finish of your new car as the IQS reported that there are many cases of paint defects.

When the car is delivered to you, you have no idea if there is any defect or issues. Later on, you discover something wrong with the vehicle. You should report this immediately for examination and proper documentation utilizing your new vehicle warranty to benefit you. Make sure all papers are kept well because that will make the warranty claim quicker should this be necessary.

Reach out to a Professional Shop

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