5 Clear Indications That Your Engine is Losing Power

All cars require fuel to burn, and air to inhale. That’s why pinning down the reason of power loss is not as simple one may thought. However, there are clear indications that you can search out for.


When you drive very fast, there is a likelihood that the fuel system failure is stopping the engine from getting the additional fuel it requires to accelerate. The reason for this could be that your injector is clogged, dripping fuel line, a filter that is not working properly, or broken down fuel pump.

vehicle engine bay

A fuel injector atomizes fuel to the cylinder and combines with air and inflame in the course of compression, causing a blast that pushes the piston. The fuel line is just a hose or a pipe that brings the fuel coming from the tank going to the engine. It is the fuel pump that drives while the filter makes sure that there are no contaminants.

With a combination of talent and the right tools, you can surely change a fuel line easily; however, others issues might require a lot more labor and tools. Just remember that the fuel needs to be given the right attention or you are going to have a major problem. Be sure that you have the right analysis, equipment, and the knowledge to start fixing.


Smoking exhaust or backfiring tells you that it has a lot of fuel or lesser spark whatever it is can result to a loss of power. A backfire on the other hand, happens when fuel-air combination does not combust in the combustion chamber, but rather comes off somewhere else in the system. Fuel-air ratio issues and electrical problems can cause a firing mistake.

Black smoke is also caused by a fuel-air combination that is much too fuel rich. You need to do some changes.


Is your vehicle shaking too much? Does it cause trembling in your steering wheel and in your car and an obvious loss of power? If your answer is yes in all the questions, the issue is misfiring cylinders. Later on there will be other signs that you will see.

Misfiring has three causes:

  • Spark loss
  • Lost compression
  • Out of balance air-to-fuel ratio

You need a diagnostic scanner to know what is wrong with your cylinder. Once you know the problem, think if you can do it yourself or you need the help of a professional.


Is your vehicle having a difficult time in doing an incline? This is a sign that your fuel filter is clogged. When the filter remove slime from your fuel, it eventually becomes dirty. This will drive the fuel pump to work double time to push fuel through it.  In times when you need to drive in a hill and you need to step on the accelerator, it might not be able to give sufficient gas to do the job you want. Have a fuel pressure test if not do a digital scope to your car.


All those mentioned will provoke your malfunction indicator lamp also called check engine light to be on. Pay attention to it. It is either problems with power loss, , mass airflow sensor, catalytic converter, or the spark plug wires are in trouble.

If not one of the discussed signs is present, then, check your catalytic converter. And if you think all these things are too complicated for you, then it is time to go to a good auto care center. Look no further because Chaney’s Collision Center can look into your car engine. Chaney’s Collision Center has professionally trained repair experts to check every corner of your vehicle. All you need is call Chaney’s Collision Center at (623) 915-2886.