10 Bad Practices That Will Wreck Your Vehicle

Your vehicle may be one of your prize possessions, but you may have forgotten to bring it to an auto shop for its regular maintenance. How will it serve for a long time if you forgot basic repairs and maintenance. So, check if you are doing the following, it will surely affect the longevity of your car.

  • Banging through potholes. Potholes could be everywhere and going through it at high speed can destroy your tire/s. It will likewise damage your steering, suspension, and alignment. To avoid this, make sure you look ahead at all times to know if there is a pothole you need to pass through. If you cannot stay away from it, then make sure you slow down. The impact will be lesser. body of water on road
  • Driving fast over a speed bumps. The effect of this is similar to potholes. Its negative impact can damage your suspension, steering, and alignment if you are driving too fast. Speed bumps are there not just for the people walking but it also makes drivers safer. Make everybody happy including your car by slowing down.
  • Not using the parking brake. It is a good habit to use the parking brake when you park your vehicle. This will make sure that even in a high area, the transmission will make sure that it will not move downhill when it is in the “park” mode. But the other part that really keep your wheels steady is the Parking Brake. So, use your parking brake before you put the transmission in “park” mode to lessen the strain on the transmission. 
  • Not halting prior to shifting from reverse to drive. This will hurt your transmission system. This system depends on the breaks to halt the movement of the vehicle and allow it to shift gears. 
  • Keep going on fumes. If your car does not have enough fuel, your vehicle could overheat and cause malfunction. And if you have an empty tank, your fuel pump and fuel system will suffer. Make sure that if you reach quarter tank, put on gas right away.
  • Disregarding dashboard forewarning signal. Take heed when you see the forewarning lights when you see it. Your car is actually screaming for help! Notice the battery, engine light, coolant, oil warning, and airbag. If you fail to give it your attention, then be prepared to be deserted somewhere and shell out money for costly bills.
  • Difficult starts, difficult stops. Quick starts squander fuel while hard stops damage your brakes more quickly. Of course, there are situations when we need to do an immediate stop, but if you always look at the road, you will only need to break when necessary.
  • Revv a cold engine. It is a good idea to start your engine and allow it to warm up a bit to give time for the oil to distribute but not when it is cold. That will damage portion of the engines that was not yet lubricated while the oil distribution has not been completed yet. A sudden shift in the temperature can likewise injure the other parts. So, warm up your engine before anything else.
  • Transporting around added weight. You need to take out your golf clubs and hockey sticks. Put them away in another storage area. The heavier it is, the greater your fuel expenses will be. You see, extra weight puts a stress on your drive train, brake parts, and your suspension.

Stop those bad habits as quickly as you can, and start taking care of the vehicle. If you notice any problems, go to Chaney’s Collision Center immediately. Chaney’s Collision Center only uses the state-of-the-art equipment for car repairs. To inquire, you may call (623) 915-2886.