4 Mistakes in Selling Your Classic Car (Part 2)

In 4 Mistakes in Selling Your Classic Car (Part 1), I discussed the many mistakes of people selling their vintage vehicles. Today, I will talk about several other things, including:

“Lock and Walk”

This refers to folks who are selling their vehicles at exhibits, contests, or swap meets. It is simpler if you stay near your vintage and greet prospective buyers than just locking the doors and walking out of the event. Be more chatty and approachable because you could never tell that a casual answer to a simple question may lead to a sale. So, time to flash that smile and welcome everyone any possible inquiry.

You are empty-handed

Make prints that showcases the list of your car’s great points. Make sure you placed vital information like year, model, miles, engine type, paint color, performance details, and transmission.

Just be sure you have enough prints so that you can always give them away anytime and anywhere. That way, you left something that people will remember, which people can refer to at a later date. In the future, you might just end up with good and wealthy buyers.

photo of yellow coupe on road

You are rushing

Never talk to a prospective buyer and show your desperation even if you really are. People in the business says that it will take six months to sell in a good price. This will help you way ahead.

To sell your vintage you need to follow the art of fineness, pretence, and figuring out the other person. It is like a boxing match. You should know how to position yourself while figuring out what the other guy really wants.

Rushing means you do not really see the bigger scenario of your transaction. Say your price confidently without sounding arrogant. Wait for the buying signals and answer every question straightforward. Let your buyer meet your price. Be aware of a buying signal and hit your punch line at the right time to close the sale. But make it as gentle as you can and never sound pushy. Often, even if your car is worth the price, but the buyer does not like you, most likely, you will lose the sale.

Not taking to heart the online feedbacks

If there is anyone who has something against or grumble about a brand or model, perhaps, someone posted an unreliable narrative that has nothing to do with reality, it could still harm how people look at your vehicle. Your job is to tear down that story, but do it very gently. You have to paddle through the situation. You need to watch your listing and be extra careful. Anyone who dislike you can totally damage you.

Be honest!

Never lie about the real condition of your car. If it needs some fixing, declare it. If you need to change say a steering column, say that too. If the brakes needs to be replaced, inform your buyer. Sooner or later, it will be discovered so you say it now than ending up with a bad reputation and a very irate buyer.

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