4 Mistakes in Selling Your Classic Car (Part 1)

If you are thinking of selling your priceless vintage today, there are some easy things you can to take advantage of those audience that are fascinated in classic cars. You can also stay away from the blunder of secondhand car discomfort. Here are the usual errors that people commit when they sell their collectible vehicle:

Pricing it emotionally.

Sure, there were many things you put into your vintage car. Perhaps you upgraded the engine, even the suspension and changed the interior. To top it all, you think of the good times you had with your vintage. If you have your way, you will not sell it. But this is hard times and you needed the cash. Even then you might be pricing your classic just because of the said factors. You can’t charge your expenditures to the future owner.

If you do then it is 5% or even more than the ongoing price, it will be difficult to sell your collectible. For the same reason, every car is unique even if you have the same model. Forget the notion that your vehicle is way more valuable than some other person’s car.

The things that truly matter are: the mileage, the many owners who owned it, the cost of maintenance and fixing, the complete repair records,  the degree of restoration or perhaps absence of it, and the location. Also, take into consideration the kind of storage that you did, the uniqueness of its color. After all these factors, you can now price your collectible accordingly.

teal sedan park beside street during daytime

Not preparing vehicle prior to the test drive.

In short, did you clean? A simple clean up can go a long way! Take out the child’s seat, clean the ashtrays, and vacuum everything even in the corners and beneath seats. Make certain that is very clean, neat, and shiny. You should also position your classic outside your garage facing the road and test it by starting the engine. Do this before your prospective buyer comes.

It is important that your buyer, who shows interest in your car, will have a smooth and pleasant drive.

Neglecting to fix.

Since you have been driving your car once in a while, you know what needs to be fix. You are aware that there is a stain in your ceiling above the front’s passenger seat. What about that damaged windshield washer hoses, you should change that. What about the worn out seat belt in the driver’s seat and the door lock that needs repair? If you do those easy repairs, then your prospective buyers will know that you have been taking care of your classic car, and you are a proud owner.

You do not have a thorough record.

If you own an Aston Martins, Ferraris, Jaguars, and Porches, it is a concern of the buyer where and who does the maintenance, fixes, or restoration jobs. So, make sure that every auto shop visits are properly recorded. Affluent buyers would want to know every detail before purchasing your vintage.

More will be discussed on 5 Mistakes in Selling Your Classic Car (Part 2)

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