Does a Luxury Car Need Premium Gas? (Part 1)

When you reached a certain comfort in life, buying a luxury car could be on the top of the list. But before you even purchase, you have first to find out the expenses of owning one. When you think of cars, you think of fuel, right? The first concern would be knowing the kind of fuel your luxury vehicle needs. If you want to reduce your budget, do you think you could find a less pricey gas to use in a luxury car? Do you think this needs a premium gas? Let us talk about this now.

Knowing the disparity of a regular, mid-grade, and premium fuel

Fuel utilizes lead, but as claimed by the Kelley Blue Book, an Irvine, California established vehicle assessment and Research Company, lead is dangerous to health so manufacturers discontinued the utilization of lead. It goes without saying that the current gas is now Mercedes-Benz car

The variance is the octane content. Regular gas has a very low grade of octane; mid-grade, as its name says, has a medium grade of octane. Meanwhile, the premium kind possess the greatest grade. The degree of octane in the gas affects the way the engine burns the gas when it starts moving.

There are many kinds of gas that were made due to the various kinds of engines such as standard engines and high efficiency engines. When you start your engine, it kindle little blasts in the engine’s cylinders utilizing both gas and air. The octane content in the gas, and the level of the engine’s showing performance affects how the eruption takes place.

The higher degree of octane in premium gas does not inflame the blast in the car’s cylinder as fast as the regular fuel. Premium gas is the best for luxury cars just because of its increased performance, it will require a greater grade of octane.

How are we to know if your car needs regular or premium gas?

The kind of gas a vehicle requires is found on the gas cap, and it is also indicated on your owner’s manual. If you fail to get it, then, go to the website of the auto manufacturer. They could have a copy of the manual that you can easily download. You can also try getting in touch with the dealership’s service department to get the data.

With car that has a high efficiency engine or a luxury vehicle, these cars needs a premium fuel to perform its finest. Specific examples would be Volkswagen GTI, Dodge Challenger, BMW, Mercedes, and many others.

Edmund’s collected records as your source of reference; the attached document will tell you if your car needs to utilize premium gas. After browsing through it, luxury cars like Volvo, Jaguar, Maserati need premium gas. More details on: Does a Luxury Car Need Premium Gas? (Part 2)


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