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How to Assess Auto Body Repair Warranties

Nearly all auto body repair shops will offer some form of warranty for their customers. Some will provide a lifetime warranty. The vast majority, however, will offer a limited warranty that protects your investment from minor defects or issues that …

How to Keep Your Car Warm When it’s Cold

When it’s cold out, your natural reaction is to heat your car as quickly as possible. Doing so, however, can cause serious damage to occur. Here’s how to keep your car warm without damaging it. 

Fill or refill your antifreeze

How To Reduce Glare When Driving

You might not think that windshield glare is much of a problem. But at its very worst, it can severely obstruct your view and lead you to be involved in a serious accident.

Why is glare dangerous?

If you’re driving …

How to Save on Auto Insurance

Auto insurance will save a good deal of cash on automobile repairs and replacement. However, it’s also an extra expense that you’ve got to pay monthly or yearly. That’s why policyholders want nothing more than to save on premiums.


How to take care of your breaks

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. That’s why you never want to put off making necessary repairs ore replacements. Stopping isn’t really optional, after all. When you need to stop, you need to stop …

Repairing and changing your car’s sunroof

Sunroofs are first-rate additions to cars. There’s nothing better than riding with the sunroof open on a hot summer day. But things can quickly sour when your sunroof gets damaged. Cracks and chips are commonplace and, if they’re not fixed, …

The best cleaning car hacks to use today

There’s no better feeling than having a clean car. That’s why we’ve put together the following list of our favorite car cleaning hacks.

Use a toothbrush

It might sound painfully slow, but a toothbrush is a great way to clean …

Why waterborne paint makes a difference

There are several different types of paint that you can use when getting your car repaired, detailed or serviced. One stands above the rest, however. And that is waterborne paint, a safe and effective alternative to more traditional car paint …

Your Braking System: Knowing How To Stop

It is critically important to your safety and others that you know how to stop safely at short notice and at a short distance on the road. That’s why your brakes are one of the most important parts of your …