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Why You Need to Get Minor Bumper Damage Repaired

You don’t have to be involved in a collision need auto body collision repair. There are many instances where a car needs auto body repair without every being involved in a crash. The weather can take its toll on your

When is Collision Coverage Worth It

One part of their vehicle insurance that people regularly have questions about is collision coverage. “What is it?”, “how does it work?” and “is it worth it are?” questions we hear all the time. In many cases, collision coverage is

How Much Do Car Insurance Rates Go Up After a Collision?

Being involved in an auto collision doesn’t just spell bad news for your car and your health; it can also spell bad news for the cost of your auto insurance, too. That’s because having a collision (or even not having

How Auto Body Rust Repairs Save Money

It’s your worst nightmare: the old car that you love has started to develop rust. And it’s not just in one place, either. It’s everywhere and it’s continuing to spread. You know rust can be a big problem, but you

Hidden Problems Caused by Rear-end Collisions

Having your car rear-ended is the worst. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it and if the other driver is uninsured you are left to foot the bill. Most rear-end collisions are not that serious, resulting in scuffed bumpers

Debunking Collision Repair Myths

The days immediately following a serious car collision can be both stressful and confusing. Particularly when you have never been involved in a car accident before. There can be an awful lot do, more so if your car has suffered